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Naderr's Band

The sorceresses of Tarif, who have been studying the Black Spirit for a long time, have uncovered an ancient spell. This spell calls Naderr's Band, through which the Black Spirit can exchange enhancement chance.

    • You can accept the quest series Naderr's Band from the Black Spirit after reaching Lv. 58, once per family. The quest reward, Naderr's Parchment, can be used to add a slot to Naderr's Band.

    • You can use Naderr's Band through the Enhancement window to exchange your current character's enhancement chance for whatever enhancement chance is already stored on the band.

    • Naderr's Band not only exchanges the usual enhancement chance but also Valks enhancement chance at the same time.

    • Naderr's Band and any enhancement chance stored on it can be accessed by all characters in your family.

    • If the enhancement chance stored in one Naderr's Band slot is higher than 100, a 10 minute cooldown will be applied for using any Naderr's Band slot. However, Valks enhancement chance does not count towards the 100.

      • E.g. If your enhancement chance is 99, and Valks enhancement chance is 10, there will be no cooldown applied. However, if your enhancement chance is 100 and your Valks enhancement chance 0, a 10 minute cooldown will be applied for using Naderr's Band.