Update History


New monsters at Hexe Sanctuary

Major Update: New monsters at Hexe Sanctuary


This new monster zone is set in a place with a completely different vibe from Polly's Forest with its hauntingly cute mushrooms.


  • Added a monster zone to Hexe Sanctuary with a recommended AP of 160.

    • Traitor's Gravestones were hidden in the depths of Hexe Sanctuary but were eventually discovered. Attack them to attract all sorts of "Grudge-Bearing" enemies

      • Traitor's Gravestones can be found around Marie Cave within the Hexe Sanctuary.

    • The enemies will try to protect the Traitor's Gravestones, and by destroying the gravestones you will also vanquish the enemies.

    • Most enemies will respawn at certain intervals while a new Green Orc Skeleton Warrior will respawn every time one is defeated.