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Drakania Awakened

● Ashen wings which incinerate fear itself take flight. Drakania's Awakening has been released.
- The awakened Drakania wields two spears known as the "Trion" (Drakanic for "spear").
- The awakened Drakania can shift between "Hexeblood" and "Dragonblood" forms.
* In "Hexeblood" form, Drakania will fight in her Human form.
* In "Dragonblood" form, Drakania will fight in her Dragon form, fully embracing her Dragon heritage.          

Drakania’s Awakening is finally released for all regions on July 27, 2022. 


Unlike other classes, we began developing her Awakening after her Succession. This was rather a bold and new decision on our end, and we are finally glad to be able to reveal the news of her release to all of our Adventurers who’ve waited with great anticipation. We hope you enjoy her Awakening form. 


To go into greater detail regarding her development process, our primary focus was to introduce new combat mechanics that allow Drakania to perform quite differently in Awakening compared to her Succession. Since she is dual-wielding spears, we wanted her movements to feel more primal, and we focused on a “stance dancing” mechanic that emphasized manual control of the class with precise timing of skills. 


Drakania’s Hexeblood form is focused on swift and relentless attacks that chain together to overwhelm opponents, while Dragonblood is a more heavy-hitting form. You may initially feel slightly overwhelmed by the different variations of certain skills available in both forms. The basic animations for the skills are similar, so we felt that once Adventurers grow accustomed to these differences. Along with the “stance dancing” mechanic (which can also automatically activate after certain skills), we will see more and more Drakania Adventurers maneuver between forms with relative ease. (Of course, since her Awakening was designed to be so conceptually different from previous classes, we do expect it will take some time for Adventurers to get used to as it may appear very complex at first glance.  We hope you’ll take the time to see her true ability shine.) 


Thank you. 

Drakania Awakening – Primary Skills            
● Aerial Burst - Flow: Obliterate            
- Unleash the might of Dragons to crush all those nearby, then obliterate them by slamming down your trion.        

● Doombringer             
- Channel the winds into your trion’s left spear, ascend, then come crashing down to the ground.

● Tectonic Slam (Hexeblood)            
-  Combine both spears to channel the winds, then charge toward the enemy. 

● Tectonic Slam (Dragonblood)            
- Combine both spears, then unleash the winds forward to push back the enemy.

● Sundering Roar (Hexeblood)            
- Channel the winds into your trion’s left spear, then unleash them forward. Set your right spear aflame, then leave a burning claw mark on the ground.

● Sundering Roar (Dragonblood)            
- Channel the winds into your trion’s left spear, then call upon the might of Dragons to unleash an earthshattering roar forward. Your destructive Dragon breath decimates all enemies ahead.

▲ Preview Drakania's Awakening

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