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Update History


Guild Boss Subjugation Combat and Loot Changes

We changed parts of the “Guild Boss Subjugation” content where Adventurers would defeat boss monsters with fellow adventurers and guild members. This change came about when we were thinking about creating a “merry gathering” where Adventurers can come together about once a week to have fun. With this update, the “Getting Ready for Guild Boss Changes!” event will begin to heighten the enjoyment of the guild boss content.
The event will include encounters with Khan, Giant Mudster, Ferrid, and Ancient Puturum. We adjusted the difficulty of the bosses so that it will be fun to do at the end of the week, and adjusted the loot dropped to share the joy with your guild members. We hope that this will help in creating fond memories together with your fellow adventurers.
With the start of the event, we will continue to create even more opportunities where you will be able to create even deeper bonds with your guild members.
(Additionally, we are preparing event guild missions to help you enjoy this guild boss changes event.).


Guild Boss Changes

Changes Details
Loot Drops

- Added Resplendent Lightstones as a guaranteed drop
※ This lightstone has a much higher probability of giving you a more valuable lightstone compared to the previous Purified Lightstone.
- Added Marni's Unstable Fuel as a guaranteed drop (the amount increases according to the tier)
- Changed the Enchanted Scroll (+20, +30) that dropped according to a set probability to Advice of Valks (+30, +40)
- Increased the probability of Gold Bar 1,000G dropping (probability is increased even further depending on the tier)
- Increased the amount of Gold Bar 100G and Gold Bar 10G dropped a guaranteed drop (the amount increases according to the tier)

Fights - Changed so it does not perform Debuff Resistance attacks on players' DP.
- Added a feature so guild bosses mass attack at a set probability
- Changed so only a set amount of damage can be applied on the guild boss.
- The guild boss' damage on a 0-3 level basis is multiplied by 2.8, 1.6, and 1.13.
- Changed so the player's debuff effect is not applied towards the guild boss.
Lightstones obtainable by opening Respendent Lightstone
Lightstone of Fire
Lightstone of Earth
Lightstone of Wind
Lightstone of Flora
Lightstone of Fire: Frenzy
Lightstone of Fire: Blight
Lightstone of Fire: Shadows
Lightstone of Fire: Strike
Lightstone of Fire: Blade
Lightstone of Fire: Earthquake
Lightstone of Fire: Ground
Lightstone of Fire: Aerial
Lightstone of Fire: Roar
Lightstone of Fire: Fallen
Lightstone of Fire: Rigid
Lightstone of Fire: Vines
Lightstone of Fire: Meteor
Lightstone of Fire: Typhoon
Lightstone of Fire: Rage
Lightstone of Fire: Marked
Lightstone of Fire: Predation
Lightstone of Fire: Zeal
Lightstone of Fire: Rush
Lightstone of Fire: Claws
Lightstone of Earth: Disrupt
Lightstone of Earth: Mountain
Lightstone of Earth: Veil
Lightstone of Earth: Swamp
Lightstone of Earth: Sand
Lightstone of Earth: Boulder
Lightstone of Earth: Roots
Lightstone of Earth: Iron Wall
Lightstone of Earth: Waves
Lightstone of Earth: Fitted
Lightstone of Wind: Fortune
Lightstone of Wind: Mind
Lightstone of Wind: Feather
Lightstone of Wind: Heart
Lightstone of Wind: Lungs
Lightstone of Wind: Alert (Combat)
Lightstone of Wind: Alert (Skill)
Lightstone of Flora: Wildlife
Lightstone of Flora: Paradise
Lightstone of Flora: Forest
Lightstone of Flora: Stir
Lightstone of Flora: Malleable
Lightstone of Flora: Patience
Lightstone of Flora: Steed
Lightstone of Flora: Blue
Lightstone of Flora: Track
Lightstone of Flora: Deft
Lightstone of Flora: Plains
Lightstone of Flora: Bite
Lightstone of Flora: Trap
Lightstone of Flora: Secret
Lightstone of Flora: Time
Lightstone of Flora: Tool
Lightstone of Flora: Gallop
Lightstone of Flora: Wagon
Lightstone of Flora: Harvest
Lightstone of Flora: Uncharted
Lightstone of Flora: Haggler

Changes per Guild Boss

Loot Changes
- Increased the probability of obtaining Khan's Concentrated Magic by 2.4 times
- Guaranteed Resplendent Lightstone of Flora.
- Guaranteed Lunar Black Stone and Solar Black Stone (except for level 0 boss)
- Can obtain Gold Bar 1,000G, Gold Bar 100G, and Gold Bar 10G.
(Added probability of obtaining an additional +1,000G per level. Depending on the level, for Gold Bar 100G, a maximum of +10G can be obtained.)
Loot Changes
- Energy of All Creations can be obtained as well as the previous loot item "Stone of Malice."
- Guaranteed Resplendent Lightstone of Earth.
Combat Changes - Doubled the HP of Giant Mudster
- Tripled the DP of Giant Mudster
Loot Changes
- Stone of Malice can be obtained as well as the previous loot item "Energy of All Creations."
※ Stone of Malice is a skill crafting item of Magic Crystal of Infinity.
Combat Changes - Doubled the HP of Ferrid
- Tripled the DP of Ferrid
Loot Changes - Belongings of an Ancient Guardian can be obtained at a set probability.
- Guaranteed Resplendent Lightstone of Wind.
Combat Changes - Increased the HP of Ancient Puturum by approximately 1.3 times
- Tripled the DP of Ancient Puturum
● You can receive the following items up to max DUO (II) level when you open the item "Belongings of an Ancient Guardian" upon defeating the Ancient Puturum.
▼ Obtain the following item up to DUO (II)
Black Distortion Earring
Tungrad Ring
Tungrad Necklace
Tungrad Belt
Ogre Ring
Laytenn's Power Stone
Eye of the Ruins Ring
Valtarra Eclipsed Belt
Narc Ear Accessory
Tungrad Earring
Ring of Crescent Guardian
Basilisk's Belt

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