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Update History


Node War Revamp

The rules for Node Wars have been changed, and the pre-season will begin on Sunday, January 8, 2023.
Before we begin, we would like to express our gratitude once again to the Adventurers who have waited for this change.
This pre-season, we have completely removed the "war games" style and will return to the previous Node War rules.
Due to these changes, the pre-season is expected to last for about a month. However, we hope that the changes we have made to this pre-season will be impactful and fun.
Some of the changes include adjusting the maximum number of nodes to 40. The significant decrease in the number of nodes was done to encourage more guilds to compete against each other for them. However, to prevent a powerful guild from monopolizing the nodes, we have limited the number of nodes a guild can occupy at a time to three.
Furthermore, after the end of the pre-season, additional benefits will be added for occupying a node. When a guild takes a node, the bonuses given for investing in the node will double.
For example, if Guild A takes Mansha Forest, then all members of Guild A will receive double the bonuses for their investment level. There are also nodes that do not have monster zones. This means that guilds will have to decide whether they want to target a specific node or go after regular nodes.
In addition to the changes mentioned above, the Shining Medals of Honor will be awarded to guilds and their members regardless of whether they win or lose the war. We will provide more details about rewards once the pre-season officially begins. 

  • Rules for Node/Conquest Wars have been changed.
    • The main changes are as listed below.
Before Now
Node/Conquest Wars by territory depending on the day of the week Node/Conquest Wars at each respective node depending on the day of the week.
Can only participate through conquered and connected nodes. Can participate freely at any node.
Multiple Node/Conquest Wars in nodes conquered by Guilds/Alliances Can participate in one Node/Conquest War per day (Except Saturdays)
Forts erected by Guilds/Alliances at conquered nodes are maintained. All forts erected at nodes removed automatically after Saturday midnight (24:00).
If central node is destroyed, all occupied nodes are as well. Central node system removed
※ With the central node system removed, Node War Assembly function has been changed to being located at the fort at which you participated in a Node/Conquest War that day.
    • Changed the maximum number nodes available for guilds/alliances to 3.            
    • You will not be able to participate in level 2-4 Conquest Wars if you participate in Level 1 (Beginner/Intermediate) conquest wars as usual. (Rules apply vice versa)
    • The rule of Lord's Guilds/Alliances not being able to participate in Node Wars of the territory they're occupying remains the same.
    • The rule of the defending team claiming victory remains the same if the Guild/Command Post is not destroyed while a Conquest War is in progress for the duration of 2 hours.   
    • The Guild claiming victory can access the Node War shop according to the node's level as usual.            
    • Additionally, the Guild who has won level 2 and higher Node Wars can access the Guild leader's benefits of Resonant Blackstar weapon and the Resonant Demon's accessory for a set duration as usual.
* All Node and Conquest War Occupation Information has been reset with the changes to Node War rules.
  • Changed how taxes are obtained during Node Conquest.
Before Now
Taxes accumulated after conquering a node or occupation a node are obtained 15 minutes and 5 minutes before the start of the next node battle in the same territory, respectively. Acquired as soon as node is conquered.
Percentage Acquired by Node Level
Before Now
Level 1 Beginner 9.6%
Level 1 Intermediate 14.4%
Level 2 20%
Level 3 24%
Level 4 32%
* Node Tax Info has been reset with the changes to tax collection rules.            
- Please note that there will be a reduction in accumulated taxes for Nodes that are conquered after the January 4th (Wed) maintenance.            
  • Changes to the following node locations are as follows:            
    • Expanded the areas of each Node so more Guilds/Alliances can participate.            
      • The number of acquired taxes will be adjusted with the changes.            
    • Each Node will not be divded by territory and will be set by Node level.            
    • Changed so you can only proceed with Node Wars in one Node territory.            
    • Changed the maximum number of participants in a Node War per each node territory.            
Level 1 Beginner (4 Total)
Node Location Day People needed
Western Guard Camp Tuesday 20
Northern Plain of Serendia Thursday 20
Treant Forest Friday 25
Polly's Forest Sunday 30
Level 1 Intermediate (5 Total)
Node Location Day People needed
Cron Castle Monday 25
Alejandro Farm Wednesday 25
Abandoned Iron Mine Thursday 30
Desert Naga Temple Sunday 30
Tooth Fairy Forest Friday 35
Level 2 (11 Total)
Node Location Day People needed
Glish Ruins Monday 30
Mansha Forest Tuesday 30
Mirumok Ruins Wednesday 30
Wolf Hills Friday 30
Helms Post Monday 40
Saunil Camp Wednesday 40
Castle Ruins Friday 40
Ibellab Oasis Sunday 40
Omar Lava Cave Tuesday 40
Khuruto Cave Thursday 40
Manshaum Forest Sunday 40
Level 3 (12 Total)
Node Location Day People needed
Roud Sulfur Mine Monday 40
Canyon of Corruption Thursday 40
North Abandoned Quarry Friday 40
Quint Hill Monday 55
Valencia Castle Site Tuesday 55
Ancado Coast Wednesday 55
Bashim Base Thursday 55
Elder's Bridge Sunday 55
Navarn Steppe Tuesday 70
Orc Camp Wednesday 70
Hexe Sanctuary Sunday 70
Sausan Garrison Sunday 70
Level 4 (8 Total)
Node Location Day People needed
Ivory Wasteland Monday 50
Hasrah Cliff Friday 50
Basilisk Den Tuesday 75
Pilgrim's Sanctum: Obedience Thursday 75
Gyfin Rhasia Temple Sunday 75
Calpheon Castle Site Wednesday 100
Bloody Monastery Sunday 100
Ash Forest Sunday 100
  • The number of Node/Conquest Wars for each day.
Day Number of Node/Conquest Wars
Sunday 10
Monday 6
Tuesday 6
Wednesday 6
Thursday 6
Friday 6
  • The days in which each level of Node/Conquest Wars will take place.
Node War Level Days to Partipate
Level 1 Beginner Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
Level 1 Intermediate Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri
Level 2 Every day except for Saturdays when Node/Conquest Wars are in progress
Level 3
Level 4

Although expanding the maximum number of nodes was an option, please understand we have decided to start with  the current main node locations for preseason and will introduce more little by little as the situation calls for it.
With each node becoming more significant, we have added Stats Restriction for level 2 and 3 nodes as we did for level 1. For level 2, total stats as they appear within My Stats cap AP at 532, while Damage Reduction and Evasion are capped at 328 and 870 respectively. At level 3, AP is capped at 585, while Damage Reduction and Evasion are capped at 364 and 922 respectively. You can reach a total AP and DP of up to approximately 620 and 680 as shown in the Equipment window. (This is based on the levels of total stats in the My Stats window and can be easily reached through additional buff effects through food or elixir items.)
There are significant pros and cons to stats restrictions. However, after analyzing the progression of current Adventurers, we came to the conclusion that restrictions were required in order for Node Wars to run smoothly. Please note that we will keep an eye on these restrictions and adapt them as the situation changes.

  • Each Node Level has been changed to have the following stat restrictions.
Stat Restrictions by Node Level
Node Level Level 1 Beginner Level 1 Intermediate Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
AP 245 335 532 585 None
Damage Reduction 223 286 328 364
Accuracy 645 695 757 796
Evasion 741 805 870 922
Damage Reduction Rate 7% 14% 21% None
Accuracy Rate 15% 15% 20% None
Evasion Rate 15% 15% 20% None
Special Evasion 0% 0% 20% None
Resistance 20% 30% 50% None
* In level 1 (Beginner and Intermediate), max HP 5,000 and max HP -500 every 20 minutes remains the same as usual.
We've added a new system to deal with "sniping." From now on, Each Guild/Alliance is given 1 opportunity a week to participate in Node Wars. This opportunity is used upon participation, but it will be refunded if the minimum criteria is met so that guilds that have participated in a Node War can continue to do so the next day.
  •  Participation System for Node Wars has been added.            
    • In order to participate in Node Wars, you need participation opportunities. When all participation opportunities are consumed, you cannot participate in Node Wars since constructing forts will be unavailable.            
    • Each Guild/Alliance is given 1 opportunity a week to participate.             
    • Participation opportunities are reset every Saturday at midnight.             
    • If you meet the minimum criteria of the participating Node War, Participation opportunities will be refunded and you can continue to participate in Node Wars the next day.            
      * The minimum criteria for Participation opportunities are as follows:            
      • If an enemy fort is destroyed, or the number of kills/deaths is greater than 20             
  • Adventurers, who participated in Node War, can now earn Resplendent Medals of Honor regardless of whether they win, liberate, or lose.
Node Level Number of Resplendent Medal of Honor Obtained
Win Liberation Lose
Level 1 12 12 12
Level 2 16 16 16
Level 3 20 20 20
Level 4 24 24 24
* However, Adventurers, whose performance sits at the top 5%, will still receive 5 additional Resplendent Medals of Honor.
* Due to the changes made to the method of collecting taxes, if you were unable to collect taxes from the occupied nodes before the scheduled maintenance on January 4 (Wed), the taxes from that node will be sent to you during the scheduled maintenance on January 11 (Wed).            

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