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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Update History


Changes to Workers

Introducing exciting changes for workers!
Changes are coming for workers in Black Desert! We're excited to introduce a series of enhancements to improve your worker management experience:
Firstly, we've listened to the feedback of adventurers, and as a result, you can now automatically recover your workers' stamina by storing food in your Family Inventory. This highly requested feature aims to reduce the manual task of providing food and allows you to focus on other aspects of gameplay.
In addition to automatic stamina recovery, you now have the ability to specify where the harvested goods should be stored after your workers have completed their tasks. Previously, goods harvested by a worker from Velia at Finto Farm would be automatically stored in Velia's storage. However, with the new update, you can designate a specific destination for the goods. This feature enables you to bring together goods from different production nodes into a single storage location, enhancing efficiency.
We're also raising the maximum level of workers from 30 to 40. Upon reaching level 40, your workers will unlock a passive skill called Delivery, which allows them to utilize the assigned delivery feature mentioned earlier. To ensure a smoother leveling experience, we have reduced the required EXP for levels 1 to 30. Furthermore, workers will learn new skills at level 35, providing you with more diverse options to utilize your workers effectively. The increase in maximum level also introduces an additional chance for Promotion, offering further progression opportunities. Please note that these updates will be implemented sequentially over the first and second weeks. ※ Lastly, we want to inform you that the ability of each worker will be adjusted due to the automatic stamina recovery and the introduction of new skills. Stay tuned for further details on these adjustments!

  • Added a feature that automatically recovers workers' stamina through recovery items from the Family inventory.
    • You can activate this feature by pressing the Recover All button from the Worker list.
    • The automatic recovery feature prioritizes the workers' stamina when it reaches 3 and by the sorting order of recovery items within the Family inventory.
      • A notification will display when there are no worker recovery items in your Family Inventory.

Additional improvements have been made regarding workers.
Firstly, the maximum level for all workers has been increased from 30 to 40. As such, reaching level 35 and level 40 will allow workers to acquire two additional skills. As for skill changes, it is possible to change skills from levels 31 to 40 by consuming 20% EXP, just as with level 30. When a worker reaches level 40, they will permanently acquire the 'Delivery' skill, which allows them to move harvested items from the production node to the desired storage. The production time at the node will remain the same. Additionally, the amount of EXP required to level up workers has been reduced, which will shorten the time needed for their growth. The prices of available workers at the Worker Exchange have been increased as well.
Previously, the Luck of workers could only be activated at specific nodes. However, in this update, Luck has been changed to activate at all production nodes except for Investment Banks and Specialty/Material Production Nodes. Additionally, the types of items obtained when Luck is activated have been revamped to include more useful rare items. Giant workers had the disadvantage of having much longer production times compared to other workers. To address this and balance the overall performance with Goblin and Human workers, the amount of harvested items obtained when harvesting at production nodes has been increased. This adjustment, along with the automatic recovery feature of the Family Inventory, aims to improve the balance for Giant workers. 

Worker Level Increase and Addition of the [Delivery] Skill

  • The max level of all workers has been increased from 30 to 40.
    • As such, workers will learn a new skill at level 35 and level 40.
  • Workers that are level 40 will permanently learn the skill Delivery.
    • This skill will allow them to transport goods from the productin node to a storage of your choice.
  • Upon learning the Delivery skill, you can designate the storage you wish the goods to be transported to at the production node.

Decrease in EXP Required for Leveling Workers

  • The EXP required to level up has been changed to the following:
※ As a result of this update, it is possible for the worker's EXP to exceed 100% when displayed. However, once one task is completed, the EXP will be displayed normally.
Worker Lv. 1-29 About 33% of the original EXP
Worker Lv. 30 Artisan worker: 40% of the original EXP
Professional worker: 33% of the original EXP
Skilled worker: 26.7% of the original EXP
Worker: 20% of the original EXP
Naive worker: 20% of the original EXP
Worker Lv. 31-40 Same as Worker Lv. 30
※ Workers Lv. 31-40 can change skills as well.
- The amount of EXP required for changing skills is the same as Lv. 30. (Consumes 20% EXP)
※ In the case of special workers that can be obtained from the Amity Shop, the required EXP is reduced according to the worker's grade.

Worker Exchange Additions and Increase of Standard Price            

  • The standard sales price registered in the Worker Exchange for each level of workers has been added/raised as follows.
    • However, Papu and Fadus workers, which can only be hired in Kamasylvia, will no longer be available for sale at the Worker Exchange.
      ※ The standard selling price is a price that includes a 30% worker transaction fee, and excludes the number of worker upgrades and the value of acquired skills.
Example of Worker Exchange sales standard price
Skilled Worker Lv. 1 10,000 Silver → 100,000 Silver
Professional Worker Lv. 1 30,000 Silver → 1,000,000 Silver
Artisan Worker Lv. 1 90,000 Silver → 5,000,000 Silver
Skilled Worker Lv. 40 2,000,000 Silver
Professional Worker Lv. 40 20,000,000 Silver
Artisan Worker Lv. 40 100,000,000 Silver
 ※ The standard sales price for levels 2 to 39 will be applied differently based on the representative examples above.

Fixed Worker Promotion Rate

  • The promotion test according to the worker's rank has been increased to have the same probability of success regardless of level.
Before After
[Skilled Worker Promotion Test]
Lv. 10-19: 50%
Lv. 20-29: 70%
Lv. 30 : 90%
[Skilled Worker Promotion Test]
Lv. 10-40 : 90%
[Professional Worker Promotion Test]
Lv. 10-19 : 30%
Lv. 20-29 : 50%
Lv. 30 : 70%
[Professional Worker Promotion Test]
Lv. 10-40 : 70%
[Artisan Worker Promotion Test]
Lv. 10-19 : 10%
Lv. 20-29 : 30%
Lv. 30 : 50%
[Artisan Worker Promotion Test]
Lv. 10-40 : 50%
  • The basic Luck applied to Human workers and other special Human-type workers has been increased by +3.

Giant, Fadus Workers

  • A special ability has been added to Giant, Fadus, and other Giant-type special workers to obtain an additional 68.4% of the basic harvest amount when harvesting at production nodes.
    • Worker Information Window - Talent: Increase in harvest amount at production nodes

Worker Information Window

  • Improved the visibility of the worker information window that can be checked in the worker status.


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