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Mythical Doom

Mythical Doom now trods upon the earth! We hope this is good news to Doom ownes.

Mythical Doom possesses three unique skills, Shadows of Hellfire chief among them. Shadows of Hellfire summons two additional Dooms upon use, meaning that guild or party members can freely ride them. Furthermore, both Mythical Doom and the summoned Dooms can be ridden by two people each, so owners of Mythical Doom can transport up to 6 people together.

We hope one of your dreams will be fulfilled with Doom's unique personality and charm, distinct from the existing Mythical Arduanatt and Diné.


Mythical Doom, Mythical Awakening

  • Added Mythical Doom, which can be obtained through Mythical Awakening.
    • Visit the stable keeper in the following regions to attempt awakening:
      • Stonetail Horse Ranch: Gula / Grána: Melabee.
      • One female and one male Doom at Lv. 30 or higher are required for the awakening.
    • Use the Mythical Censer to attempt the awakening. The base success rate is 3%.
    • If successful, two Dooms will fuse into one and a Mythical Doom will be born.
    • If it fails, you can retrieve your Doom at any time and use another Mythical Censer to try again.

Mythical Doom, Stats

  • While the basic stats (HP, Stamina, Speed, Accel, Turn, Brake) are the same as regular Doom, Mythical Doom can learn up to 28 skills, including its exclusive skills.
  • The price of Mythical Doom is higher than the combined price of Lv. 30 female and male Doom required for the awakening, but Mythical Doom is not tradable due to its rarity.
  • Mythical Doom, an awakened Dream Horse, does not have a gender.

Mythical Doom, Inherent Skills

  • Mythical Doom is born with all the inherent skills of regular Doom and Mythical Doom’s exclusive skills.
    • Exclusive skills: Infernal Sprint, Shadows of Hellfire, and Infernal Legion.
  • Mythical Doom has 100% mastery of its inherent skills when acquired and they will not disappear even if the horse’s growth is reset.

Mythical Doom, Skills

  • Detailed information on Mythical Doom's inherent skills are as follows:
Skill Preceding Skill How to Use Stamina Consumption

Shadows of Hellfire
None ↓ + E 400
Summons two Mythical Dooms. The summoned Dooms can be ridden by the caster, guild/party members, or allies freely.
When using this skill, the caster who summoned the Dooms will receive the Trace of Shadows buff for 20 min. While the buff is active, using the Shadows of Hellfire will not summon the Dooms, but will apply the following effect to up to 10 nearby allies:
Movement speed +5% for 1 min
※ The summoned Dooms will disappear automatically after 10 min or if the caster logs out, regardless of whether they are being ridden or not.

Infernal Sprint
Dark Sprint Auto-activated after Dark Sprint 600
Automatically activated after using Dark Sprint. Move forward at a fast speed and deal damage with a melee attack for a certain period of time.
Flames are generated around the target on hits, dealing damage.
Additionally, the caster receives a HP +200 effect every 3 sec for 15 sec when using the skill.
※ Like Dark Sprint, the flames generated around the caster upon successful hit with Infernal Sprint will damage everyone except the user.

Infernal Legion
Acquire one or more of the following skills:
Charge, S: Charge, Instant Accel, S: Instant Accel, Dark Sprint, Infernal Sprint.
↑ + E while using one of the preceding skills
(ex. ↑ + E while Charge)
Inflicts gradual flames damage to enemies in front, while using Charge, S: Charge, Instant Accel.
Cooldown: 10 sec
  • The summoned Mythical Doom has Lv. 30 stats and can use a total of 16 skills, including Two-seater, Dark Sprint, and Infernal Sprint.
(Drift, Sprint, Start Accel, High Jump, Quick Stop, Instant Accel, Sideways, Quick Back, Streak Leap, Quick Ride, S: Instant Accel, S: Sideways, Two-seater, Double Jump, Dark Sprint, and Infernal Sprint.)
※ The summoned Mythical Doom can use Sprint without a saddle and cannot equip gear or be inspected.

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