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2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Update History


Ulukita, the Exalted Land

A new monster zone, the Exalted Land, Ulukita, has arrived.


Ulukita is located in the southern part of Mediah, and was designed with Mediah’s unique colors in mind. As the zone covers a wide area, you can expect to feel like you are fighting while exploring the region, unlike the existing top zones. Although it requires high AP and DP as it is set to be the best monster zone, you can fight without too much stress as we did not add difficult gimmicks or attacks from monsters. Additionally, you can obtain the new treasure, Origin of Dark Hunger, which can be registered on the Central Market, and Lafi Bedmountain’s Upgraded Telescope.


In this update, two monster zones, Tungrad Ruins and City of the Dead, were added to Ulukita. These are monster zones, so there are no main quests for them, and two more zones will be added later after localization work is done. The update for the additional zones will include the highest grade shoes, Ator’s Shoes, and an exclusive story quest and production that befits the name, Exalted Land. (We will provide more detailed information later)


Furthermore, as Ulukita is currently the zone with the highest requirements in Black Desert, the entire region will be changed to a lawless zone in the future. The rules applied to the existing Valencian desert zone will apply to the lawless zone. In Valencia, when you die as a Fugitive, you are imprisoned in an underground prison located in Roud Sulfur Mine. In Ulukita, you will be imprisoned in an underground prison built within the region. This underground prison is much larger than the one in the sulfur mine and, well, a little scarier. Please keep this in mind. Unlike the existing lawless zones, Adventurers can use Marni’s Realm in Ulukita’s monster zones, so you can choose how you want to play.


The lawless zone will not be patched immediately, and we will provide further guidance when the update is ready. Also, please note that when Ulukita is changed to a lawless zone, the existing desert region will be released from the lawless zone.

  • Ulukita, the Exalted Land, has been revealed in southern Mediah.

Ulukita, the Exalted Land - Monster Zone Info

  • Added two new monster zones, "City of the Dead" and "Tungrad Ruins," in Ulukita.

City of the Dead

Monster Zone Recommended Stats
City of the Dead
310 AP
380 DP
City of the Dead
Monsters in the City of the Dead can be knocked down by successfully administering a simple gimmick. 
When the Tehmelun Messenger, leading the monsters, performs a certain action, using a CC skill (regardless of type) will cause all nearby monsters to fall down. 
Then, you will have the Essence of Ulukita buff applied to easily defeat the monsters. 
The key is to take advantage of this situation and sweep the monsters away.

Tungrad Ruins

Monster Zone Recommended Stats
Tungrad Ruins
320 AP
410 DP
Tungrad Ruins
The combat method in the Tungrad Ruins is similar to that of the City of the Dead.
Among the groups of monsters, there are Tungrad Visionary monsters mixed in.
If you attack these guides first and detonate them, you can receive the Essence of Ulukita effect, and all the surrounding monsters will be stunned and have their DP decreased.
The key is to quickly defeat them in this situation.

Ulukita, the Exalted Land - Major Loot

Origin of Dark Hunger, Essence of Devouring

  • You can obtain Origin of Dark Hunger and Essence of Devouring as loot from Ulukita zones.
※ Origin of Dark Hunger and Essence of Devouring can be registered on the Central Market.
Origin of Dark Hunger
- Through Devour, you can increase the Enhancement success rate by up to +300. (Available from Enhancement success rate +100)
※ Central Market maximum price limit: 3 billion Silver
Essence of Devouring
- If you collect 4, you can obtain Origin of Dark Hunger by Heating (L) them.
※ Central Market maximum price limit: 750 million Silver.

- Enhancement success rate increase by using Origin of Dark Hunger for Devour are as follows:
Enhancement Success Rate Increase
100 ~ 105 15
106 ~ 109 14
110 ~ 116 13
117 ~ 121 12
122 ~ 129 11
130 ~ 139 10
140 ~ 151 9
152 ~ 164 8
165 ~ 183 7
184 ~ 198 6
199 ~ 218 5
219 ~ 249 4
250 ~ 279 3
280 ~ 298 2
299 1

Kuadir Fragment

  • You can obtain Kuadir Fragments in the monster zones of Ulukita.
    • Kuadir Fragments found in Ulukita are material items that can enhance the power of Crystal of Elkarr.
    • The Visionary Crystal of Elkarr, crafted using Kuadir Fragments, can be registered at the Central Market.            
Kuadir Fragment
Drop Location Usage
Ulukita Monster Zones Crafting Visionary Crystal of Elkarr
Visionary Crystal of Elkarr
* Central Market maximum price limit: 1 billion Silver
Materials Crystal Equip Effects
▼ Perform Simple Alchemy (L) on the following items:
Kuadir Fragment x1
Magical Shard x50
Crystal of Elkarr x2
Magical Lightstone Crystal x100

Crystal Group: Ignore All Resistance
Maximum Equippable within Group: 2

All Accuracy +20
Ignore All Resistance +10%


Treasure - Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Telescope

  • When Ulukita, a region of ancient weapons, the power of darkness, and lawless people of the wilderness, was revealed, Lafi Bedmountain, an ancient language analyst and alchemist, is trying to create new inventions using unique parts found only there.
“Wit’ those parts they be sayin’ be there and me skills, I might be able to forge somethin’ grand! Especially that massive eyeball shaped piece! It be makin’ me heart race fer the first time in ages! May I delve into some research? I’ll be showin’ ye somethin’ mighty useful! Hehehe!"
 - Lafi Bedmountain
  • Key materials for the invention Lafi Bedmountain is researching are rarely found throughout the lawless lands of Ulukita.
* Please look forward to Ator's Shoes and the story quests exclusive to the Exalted Land, Ulukita, coming with the additional two monster zones.

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