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Update History


Ulukita, the Exalted Land


The Exalted Land, Ulukita

  • Prince Bareeds III, who disappeared from Altinova, was nowhere to be found. However, rumors began to spread in Altinova that a pauper prince appeared in the southern reaches of Ulukita.
Many people in Mediah do not even know the face of Bareeds III, the last of the Mediahn royal family. The oppressive reign of the last Aksulp royal family has left a bitter taste, diminishing the prince's favor among the people of Mediah. As such, rumors have begun to circulate that another trace of the elusive prince may be found in the Exalted Land, Ulukita. Sarma Anin and Sirare, who have lost their master, seek the help of Adventurer for the future of Mediah, where the sole royal bloodline has vanished.
* Once you've completed all the pre-quests in the Ulukita, you can proceed with the subsequent main quests of the Exalted Land, Ulukita, via the Black Spirit.
  • Troublesome rumors are circulating of a certain prince exiled to Altinova. 
  • You can now proceed with the [Ulukita] Dark Whispers in Altinova, the questline preluding to Ulukita, the Exalted Land. 
    • You will need to have completed the final main quest in Valencia [Valencia] Dawn of a New Age in order to accept the Ulukita prequel quest. 
    • Completing this questline will award you with [Title] Howl of the Wilds and the Record: Rumors of Altinova item that bears the  details of this questline in writing. 

[Starting Quest] Whispers in Mediah's Wind

Main Quest

  • Prince Bareeds III has disappeared from Altinova. His loyal confidants, Sarma Anin and Sirare, are in need of the help of the adventurer who had previously thwarted Maudi Budar from recreating the Three Days of Darkness.
Ulukita Main Quest
[Ulukita] Whispers in Mediah's Wind
Quest NPC and Quest Type Condition
Black Spirit - Main quest Complete the Ulukita Prelude questline

Illustrations and Cutscenes

  • As you begin the Main Quest in Ulukita, you'll encounter engaging illustrations and cutscenes.

During the quest, try using the Auto-skip lines in sync with audio (Tab) feature located at the bottom right of the screen. 
Without keyboard controls, the story progresses in sync with the audio. 
Dive deeper into the rich narrative of the Exalted Land, Ulukita. 

Main Quest Completion Reward

  • Once you have fully explored the story of the Ulukita, you can obtain the following title and the Alchemy Stone.
Upon completion of the Ulukita Main questline After completing the Ulukita Main questline, complete [Ulukita] Prince Bareeds' Gift from the Black Spirit (once per Family)
Title - Janissary Ator's Power Stone

Ator's Power Stone

  • Added a new Alchemy Stone, Ator's Power Stone.
    • It can be equipped in the Alchemy Stone slot, and it can be upgraded (Blessed/Exalted).
    • It can be recharged using the Mystical Spirit Powder.
    • It cannot be registered on the Central Market, and cannot be equipped by Season Characters.

Darkseeker's Retreat

  • Added a new monster zone, Darkseeker's Retreat, to Ulukita.

Darkseeker's Retreat

Monster Zone Recommended Stats
Darkseeker's Retreat Recommended AP: 310
Recommended DP: 420
Darkseeker's Retreat
In the Darkseeker's Retreat, always watch your back. The Darkseekers are known to launch powerful attacks when their attacks accumulate, leaving a lingering aura of their dark energy. And beware, the fallen monsters of the Darkseeker's Retreat respawn faster than those in other regions of Ulukita, ever ready to set their sights on unsuspecting adventurers.

Sealed Artifact & Blazing Ember

  • The Sealed Artifact and Blazing Ember will appear when you defeat the Mournful/Vengeful/Punitive Darkseekers.
    • Defeat the Blazing Ember to activate the Sealed Artifact.
      • The Sealed Artifact disorients the surrounding Darkseekers.
(However, the effect of the Sealed Artifact does not affect the Followers summoned by the Eternal Darkseeker.)
      • The Sealed Artifact activates for about 5 min after defeating the Blazing Ember, and periodically diorients nearby monsters.
    • Defeat the Blazing Ember to obtain Embers of Resonance x1.

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