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Install the Black Desert Launcher to start the game.

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Install Guide

1 Run BlackDesert_Installer_NAEU.exe to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Start the game once installation is complete.

Update History


Guild Skills and Drill Changes

Last Update: March 6, 2024
Improvements have been made to some guild skills. The cooldown for guild skills that provide buff effects such as increased Combat EXP, Life EXP, and Item Drop Rate has been unified to 4 hours, and the duration of the effects has been increased to 2 hours.
Additionally, the higher guild skills that could be used with [Guild] Covenant of Blood, which was obtained through the guild drill, have been changed to now be usable with [Guild] Pledge of the Blood. (Accordingly, the guild drill will no longer be available.) We hope that with these more powerful and upgraded guild skills you can build a closer friendship with your guildies.
  • Improved and changed guild skills.
    • Reduced the weight of [Guild] Pledge of the Blood to 1/100. (0.01 LT → 0.0001 LT)
    • Changed the following guild skills that used [Guild] Covenant of Blood to now use [Guild] Pledge of the Blood x2,000.
* [Guild] Pledge of the Blood can be purchased from the Guild Military Supply Manager for 3,000 guild funds each.
Guild Skill Effect

Guru's Touch
Life EXP +40% for 120 min

Blessing of Fortuna
Item Drop Rate +10% for 120 min

State of Nothingness
Combat EXP +200%, Skill EXP +50% for 120 min
  • Changed the cooldown to 4 hours, and the effect duration to 2 hours for the following guild skills.
    • Improved the descriptions and buff icon descriptions of the following guild skills.
Guild Skill Effect Guild Skill Effect

Experienced Cry
Combat & Life EXP +10%
Money Maker
Luck +2

Complete Perfection
Life EXP +20%
Sweet Luck
Item Drop Rate +2%

Guru's Touch
Life EXP +40%
Blessing of Fortuna
Item Drop Rate +10%

Call to Battle
Combat & Life EXP +10%
Angler's Wisdom
Fishing EXP +5%

State of Perseverance
Combat & Life EXP +20%
Sharp Eyes of a Gatherer
Gathering EXP +5%

State of Nothingness
Combat EXP +200%, Skill EXP +50%
Merchant's Art of Persuasion
Trading EXP +5%

Scholarly Ambition Lv.1/2/3
Knowledge Gain Chance +5/10/15%
Regained Senses Lv.1/2/3
Karma Recovery +5/10/15%

Endless Exploration
High Grade Knowledge Gain Chance +2% - -
  • Changed Guru's Touch, Blessing of Fortuna, and State of Nothingness to higher-ranked skills of Complete Perfection, Sweet Luck, and State of Perseverance respectively.
    • As a result, lower-ranked skills cannot be used once higher skills are acquired.
Lower-ranked Skills Higher-ranked Skills

Complete Perfection
(Life EXP +20%)

Guru's Touch
(Life EXP +40%)

Sweet Luck
(Item Drop Rate +2%)

Blessing of Fortuna
(Item Drop Rate +10%)

State of Perseverance
(Combat & Skill EXP +20%)

State of Nothingness
(Combat EXP +200%, Skill EXP +50%)
  • Improved the following skills to display only one buff icon when used.
    • Experienced Cry, Call to Battle, State of Perseverance, State of Nothingness
  • Improved the following skills to refresh each other's skill effects upon use.
    • Experienced Cry, Complete Perfection, Guru's Touch, Money Maker, Sweet Luck, Blessing of Fortuna, Call to Battle, State of Perseverance, State of Nothingness
  • Changed so that the guild drill that allowed you to acquire [Guild] Covenant of Blood, [Guild] Crimson Magic Crystal, etc. can no longer be installed.
    • Changed so that Old Tree's Tear and Earth's Tear items used in the production of the guild drill can no longer be obtained.
    • Changed so that [Guild] Blueprint: Drill can no longer be obtained through guild missions.
  • Added eight skills that can expand slots of the guild storage.
Guild Skills Skill Description
Ample Storage Lv. 25 - Lv. 32 Required Points: 20
Effect: Adds 7 slots to the guild storage


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