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Update History


Music for All (Classes)

Last Update: April 9, 2024

We've expanded upon Black Desert's music system.

First off, with today's update, we've made it so that all classes can now play musical instruments. Whether it be with guildies or friends, or even in front of adventurers you've just become acquainted with, you can enjoy musical content without being restricted by class.

We've also added 5 new instruments to further bolster the musical arsenal available in Black Desert.
These include the "Florchestra Horn," a brass instrument for brilliant, grandiose pieces, the "Florchestra Clarinet," a woodwind instrument for expressing softer tones, and 3 types of "Marni's Electric Guitar," instruments which offer modern sounds with varying effectors.

Just as the "Marnian" comes in several different shapes and tones, Marni's Electric Guitar comes in three different flavors as well - "Silver Wave," for a clear, effector-less sound, "Highway," for a refreshing and high-paced drive effector, and "Hexe Glam," for a heavier, more-filling distortion effector.

From adventurers musically as active as the wandering musician Artina herself, to those who've only recently dipped their toes into Black Desert's musical scene, or just adventurers who are seeking something new in-game, we hope this update provides much fun and entertainment for all.

As we mentioned during the latest updates dev commentary, this musical expansion is part of our overarching goal to provide a more chock-filled adventuring experience in Black Desert. We are busily toiling away in other areas as well, so please look forward to these developments coming soon.

Thank you.

  • Those talented Shai have finally chosen to share their musical skills with fellow denizens of Black Desert.
    • Now all Black Desert classes can perform with musical instruments.
      • ESC Menu - Community (F9) - Music Album
* If you've already unlocked Beginner/Florchestra/Marni's instruments, you can perform music with classes other than Shai.
Beginner - Purchase from Artina's shop (5 million Silver per instrument)
Florchestra - Complete Artina's questline and obtain each instrument
Marni - Purchase materials from Marni's shop and/or complete daily quests to craft each instrument
* With all classes now able to play instruments, the following has been changed.            
- Changed so learning the "Wandering Musician, Artina" Knowledge will grant access to all other non-Shai characters to Artina's musical shop.            
(Talk to Artina found throughout the world of Black Desert to learn the "Wandering Musician, Artina" Knowledge.)            
- Changed the name of the quest group under Quest (O) - Suggested tab.            
 * [Music] Let's Not Shai Away from Making Music! → [Music] Let's Not Shy Away from Making Music!            
- Changed so all classes can now proceed with the 4 quests under the "[Music] Let's Not Shy Away from Making Music!" quest group.            
 * "Artina's Kaia Instrument Shop"            
 * "Artina's Flondor Instrument Shop"            
 * "Artina's Ancado Instrument Shop"            
 * "Artina's Salanar Instrument Shop"            
- Changed certain portions of the "[Music] The Otherworldly Sounds of Marni's Instruments!" Suggested quest group and made them available to all classes.            

Find out more about how to obtain all the instruments here!


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