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UTC 4 : 17 Aug 14, 2022
CEST 6 : 17 Aug 14, 2022
PDT 21 : 17 Aug 13, 2022
EDT 0 : 17 Aug 14, 2022
[NA_Velia2] [Slippery Scallywags] Chaos ensued...
Jun 25, 2021, 00:01 (UTC)
326 1
Last Edit : Jun 25, 2021, 00:01 (UTC)
# 1

Prior to heading to the Olvia pier to see GM Corsair and my buddy Chadwick, stopped to ask Crio for some fishing advice:

Chat with Crio 1

Caught a fresh fish on the way over.

When I arrived, however...

I tried to greet our fair captain (GM Corsair) however, I was too small to see past the massive crowds...



Then chaos ensued as some pirates attacked the small pier. O.O QUEEK!



Later, when things began to calm down, I tried again to offer up my greetings to our favourite captain... But did she hear my small voice, even with the thinned crowd?


Oh well, *sighs* Time to go home and fish myself something for dinner... QUEEK!

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