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Mythical Doom Idea Dump
Jul 22, 2021, 17:57 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Aug 19, 2021, 16:47 (UTC)
# 1

Hello! Welcome to my Mythical Doom Idea Dump. 

Feel free to add any of your own ideas or suggestions for Mythical Doom! The more the merrier.


Other suggestions: 

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(Updated 17.08.2021)


Disclaimer before we begin: I am by no means saying "LOOK AT MY DRAWING PA, MAKE T10 DOOM LIKE THIS OR ILL CRY YOU DONT LISTEN TO SUGGESTIONS." 

This is only me trying to express my ideas in an artistic manner with hopes that T10 Doom is the best it can be.

You can tell I took it seriously when the devs said during Heidel Ball that we could pitch in ideas for Mythical Doom in the official Forum. so here I am :)


Disclaimer 2: Most of the images in this thread are not owned by me. (Except those with a "pretzel" watermark) I am in no means claiming these to be my own and rights belong to their respective owners. (I didn't link the pictures from their original websites as I don't want to unintentionally lead any user to a malicious website.)


1. What I DON'T want T10 Doom to be:

I think the concept of "White Doom with Blue Flames" is by far the very first idea you will see on the community favorites. And I agree it would look amazing BUT.

PLEASE, for the love of all that is good. Don't just recolor Doom.

2. Variations I would like to see

2.1 I personally think, that MythIcal Doom should be an absolute UNIT of a horse. Such as Shire Breed, their size should tell them apart from other horses.

Sure, horses in game are already quite big (Which I didn't honestly notice until I used another class other than my Guardian)

But being larger like tamed horses would assist the idea that they are powerful and should be the best suited for PvP. (I don't PvP so I don't have exact ideas for this :( Do check the other threads linked above though!)

2.2 Coat Variation: Nature is wonderful and there are incredily beautiful horse coats and breeds out there. Some of my favorite horses in game have patterns that break the norm.  Such as: Horse - BDO Codex and Horse - BDO Codex

Please PA, I beg you sincerely consider creating Mythical Doom with more than just a solid coat/mane color. Here's a few examples:

- See also: Peacock Spotted Horse.

Rendition of Concepts 1
After reading through the "Deset Wind Blowing in Kamasylvia" questline from Brolina. I thought to myself it would be nice if Mythical Doom reflected some type of change/development where she is now in full control of her power and have a "Tame" Concept. (And please excuse me as I don't know how T10 fit in the game lore so this might not make sense at all. It's just an idea)

Here's my interpretation of this "Tame" Concept.

-White/Ashen Coat

-Blue Flames

-Charred Wood and Smoke in the legs/hooves that would set ablaze when running.

-Smoke that blows out of Doom's nostrils/mouth.

-Markings that resemble the horse's skeleton, which flow with fire and glow blue when running. (I had trouble with the ribs but looks kinda cool in shape of a wing, doesnt it?)

Dine and Arduanatt have markings on their bodies and I think a sign of Doom "maturing" would be to obtain markings as well. Inspired on another of the popular ideas in the community is that of "Spectral fire Skeleton" Doom, much like Ghost Rider.


Rendition of Concepts 2

Or completely opposite to my Tame concept.  We can follow into the narrative that Doom is Indomitable; the embodiment Destruction and Chaos. I remember from the Dreighan Main Quest, how Garmoth inflicts fear in the minds of the villagers. And what could be more destructive than fire? a Volcano. So this concept is based off Dragon/Drakes and Lava/Volcanos. I think this is the closets chance we will get to get some sort of dragon/drake mount.

This renditoin is much more sketchy and less refined than the first but should get across the idea.

-Very dark and deep Cool Black color that highlights blue. (Midnight black? Onyx? I don't know the name..)

-Ashen Mane for Contrast.

-Horse has physical adaptations to look more like a Drake or a Qilin. (And yes, I also thought this would not fit the world of BDO, but hey... we have Bugatti and Ninjas here.)

-Lava texture and cracks that looks like armor plates. Fades into scales or veins.

-Possible Horns. (Since apparently Mythical Dine won't have one.)

-Possibly Blue instead of Orange. Did you know there's Blue Lava? The most well-documented of these fires occur on Indonesia's Kawah Ijen volcano, where they regularly burn. The more you know!

-Any resemblance with Zophelia's concept of Stormcaller Doom is not a coincidence cause their amazing work inspired this one. <3 Check it out here: Black Desert | PEARL ABYSS (


Other: to play even more into the havoc that could be Mythical Doom, here's a handful of concepts that could be merged into it:


-Chimera (Both Genetics and Mythology concepts)

-Fjord Horse Mane. (Refer to bottom right picture in reference 2.2)

(I know devs most likely only create one side and then mirror it on the model, but it would help Mythical Doom stand out with asymetric design.

-I think I had more but


If you liked some of the concepts in my post and would like to elaborate more or even create your own interpretation. Please do so and post below :D I would love to see them!

p.s. Check my thread of Training-related suggestions <3 lol Black Desert | PEARL ABYSS (

Last Edit : Aug 17, 2021, 20:30 (UTC)
# 2

I love the passion in this. You express yourself fantastically! 

Last Edit : Aug 17, 2021, 21:18 (UTC)
# 3
On: Aug 17, 2021, 20:30 (UTC), Written by Veltas

I love the passion in this. You express yourself fantastically! 

Omaga, thank you so much :,)

Last Edit : Aug 18, 2021, 09:08 (UTC)
# 4

Hi ^^


Thank you so much for these ideas for the new T10 Doom. During the last CalpheON Ball devs explained they are working on creating the Mythical Doon and they will make sure this new mount is different and unique from its processor. More news soon!

Last Edit : Aug 20, 2021, 03:07 (UTC)
# 5

Utility Suggestions:

From a small conversation in the Horse Community Discord, T10 Doom should an enhanced double jump or even triple jump. As well as a Jump-Dive or Meteor Crash with fast down movement that negates Fall damage. And a badass animation when landing! (Maybe deal a small amount of damage?) This would make climbing up and down harsh terrain easier and provide Doom a mobility advantage different from her sisters. Of course the distance traveled would not come close to Pegasus' Glide ability.

Example Sketch with a little humor.

Or as -Pony#0050 in Discord represented it: 

To me it looks like it could be an advanced version of Fore Chop or Dark Flame Steps that when charged leaps forward and pounce. (Which could be used to quickly get down from down steep terrain without fall damage.)

Last Edit : Sep 14, 2021, 01:57 (UTC)
# 6

Dive bomb/ meteor crash 10000%. Would fit doom's pvp aspect as well as giving her a terrain feature. She could explode the area she lands in flames and deal damage to opponents.

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