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UTC 18 : 37 Mar 23, 2023
CET 19 : 37 Mar 23, 2023
PDT 11 : 37 Mar 23, 2023
EDT 14 : 37 Mar 23, 2023
fidelityFX is cusing more intense weird shadowing on the screen
Sep 9, 2021, 07:45 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Sep 9, 2021, 08:10 (UTC)
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So as the title says,

If activating FidelityFX the screen is filled with a. . .don't know how exaclty to discribe it, kinda a weird shaddowing. Especially in darker areas.
I saw that already in other old games where they are rendering weather effekts (daytime getting dark and bright again) for brightness difference, but Fidelity is increasing this effect by a high visible amount.
At best I can explain by some pictures. (linking to a pic uploader)
FideltiyFX on:

Simply Fidelity off.

Another example FSR on:

FSR off:

On screenshots it's even looking less worse than ingame.
Would be nice to do something about it.
BTW: your forum for uploading immages are the worst possible ever...
No additional options if uploading pics from PC no previews and no links if uploading on hosters either. Only a direct picture insertion which is terrible bad, too

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