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PDT 19 : 30 Jul 23, 2024
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F5 Simulator Suggestion
Oct 29, 2021, 15:01 (UTC)
937 4
Last Edit : Oct 29, 2021, 15:01 (UTC)
# 1

Instead of waving to NPCs for 10 minutes straight, why not make it a "hug" where you press F5 and select how much energy you want to put into the hug and then you hug the NPC and get the amity that would be equivalent to the energy you provide. Bigger the hug, better the amity reward. It would GREATLY improve the amity system that we all hate so much.

Last Edit : Oct 29, 2021, 16:22 (UTC)
# 2

Yeah I also suggested it in the past, but nah, too much work.


Also hug on other players would be good yeah.

244 4634
Lv 62
Last Edit : Oct 29, 2021, 17:44 (UTC)
# 3

Hugging NPCs and players sounds nice. It would also be nice to be able to dance. One can dream!


"I bargain even in my dreams"

183 1915
Lv Private
This was deleted by the writer.
Last Edit : Oct 30, 2021, 05:54 (UTC)
# 5
On: Oct 29, 2021, 19:59 (UTC), Written by Franklins

Hugging in 2021, that is paramount to assault in today's climate.  Maybe a little tap dance instead?  

Lmfaooo "6 feet away please" emote incoming.



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