UTC 21 : 10 May 22, 2022
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Add Bloody Outfit To the Shop Separately Please
Dec 1, 2021, 14:09 (UTC)
370 4
Last Edit : Dec 1, 2021, 14:09 (UTC)
# 1



I'm glad Bloody Outfit is back, although it's A not available for Corsair and still not for Nova and B it's lootbox-only again. Like I keep saying, these boxes are banned in 2 countries. I wouldn't want to gamble for them, personally, they used to always be sold in the shop as normal. And they should be. But with this, even if one wanted to gamble for them, in BE and NL you literally cannot do that (which I support for paid lootboxes, but they should just be guaranteed purchases in the shop, like other limited outfits...).


And again, you cannot buy the single box for in-game silver either, so what are you to do? They hardly get sold on the marketplace. Those who actually want to pay directly for these outfits can't. Makes no sense. Unless you get super lucky with a PO, these outfits are practically banned from 2 countries.


So.... please fix that. Add them to the pearl shop separately for straight-up purchase. And especially for the classes that don't have them yet. It's hands down my favorite outfit :/

Last Edit : Dec 1, 2021, 17:51 (UTC)
# 2

yes, please put these outfit to the pearl shop

Last Edit : Dec 2, 2021, 00:37 (UTC)
# 3

Instructions unclear, added bloody outfits to the shop like you said.

> No, bloody outfits!

Why don't you want outfits now?

> angri lil' noises!

Last Edit : Dec 2, 2021, 13:19 (UTC)
# 4

Usually, with a little luck you can get them on the CM for silver in those events where they give away the box for silver.

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