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Caphras Book Stuck Breaking the Ancient Tome
Jan 5, 2022, 15:52 (UTC)
843 2
Last Edit : Jan 5, 2022, 15:52 (UTC)
# 1

I have been stuck on breaking the ancient tome part of the book for weeks I keep trying diffent thing and differat alts from spaming AOE with a wizard to spastically hurling shirikins with a Ninja.


Is it the number of hits or the strenth of the hit that is required, I am thinking although my alts are above 56 and have decent gear there is a high AP requirement to complete this?


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Last Edit : Feb 19, 2024, 16:02 (UTC)
# 2

Hello from 2024!

I've been stuck with this ~!@#$ "QUEST" as well. Wasted several thousands of Energy until succeded.

No, you dont have to hit sparks with only regular attacks, AoE skills works too.

Yes, best way it seems is just to spam AOE in the room.

Turning graphics at max helps to actually SEE the sparks, especially "Display Settings > Effects" section.

I'm sort of mmo player for quite awhile (WoW, ESO, FFXIV, Lineage, Blade and Soul), but I never met such ~!@#$ poorly designed quests.

Yes this part is hard, but "hardness" comes from different angle, you skills are irrelevant, you only need to google and figure out turning graphics to max to actually SEE the enemy that does no damage to you, but appears and disappears from behind and you fail to notice and strike it in time, then fail.

I assume this is "korean thing".

PS. Sorry I was to fast to celebrate, it looks this ~!@#$ "QUEST" is bugged. It says the seal is broken, but doesnt let me actually claim reward in the Journal:

PPS. Found it, after the mesage appears saying "Seal was broken..." you need to talk to interaction point (circle) right next to "Forbidden Books" interaction point.
This new interaction point is called "Caphras' Memory" and is easily to miss because its located very close to "Forbidden Books" interaction point.


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