UTC 14 : 14 Jan 20, 2022
CET 15 : 14 Jan 20, 2022
PST 6 : 14 Jan 20, 2022
EST 9 : 14 Jan 20, 2022
Ranger EES problem post reboot
DiaborMagics Jan 14, 2022, 22:35 (UTC)
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Hi guys, 


I wonder if I am the only one having this issue or maybe i did the re-setup of my skills wrong, but i play succ ranger and if I try to do EES sideways, then forwards, I can't. The second jump defaults to backwards now. Before the reboot this was no issue. for my kzarka alt I always used this to engage again from behind the pillar and there are other situations where it can be useful.


But I cant do it anymore. I have to go sideways and back and THEN I can finally go forwards, which is just ridiculous. I have Call from The Sky, which I'm pretty sure is what enables the forwards jump and I can forward jump normally if i do so immediately, but from sideways I cant do it anymore.

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