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Talshani's Horse tips.
Feb 27, 2022, 02:19 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Aug 11, 2022, 12:51 (UTC)
# 1

Talshani's Horse Tips and Tricks

The 1st section is Tinfoil on breeding for T8s but works really well for me.
The 2nd section is skill swap tips. This is if you have the coupons to use.
The 3rd section is my Horse Buyer's Guide. How to buy from a specific person. 

Last Edit : Nov 6, 2022, 14:00 (UTC)
# 2

Imho after raising like 8 Coursers, the Fore Chop or Quick back method is a lie, making you just waste coupons. To my experience the horse has a chance to learn a skill when it levels up (which will decrease as it gains levels). This chance is unaffected by the distribution of probability %-ages of the remaining unlearned skills. The probability distribution of these is displayed when you swap a skill and select the desired new one. If there is a skill with a higher chance to be learned compared to the other remaining ones (such as Fore Chop) this does not also increase the chance to learn a skill per se. 

So I claim that the Fore Chop/Quick Back method is a waste of coupons. Furthermore it adds a skill with very high learning probability to the pool which is not good.

You want non-Courser skills with a relativeliy low learning probability in the pool of unlearned skills in order to make it relatively more likely to learn the rare Courser skills. Theoretical, very random example: With Fore Chop and S:Sideways in the pool of unlearned skills, the chances would be split like 99% : 1%. With i. e. Two Seater and S.Sideways in the pool they would be split like 70% : 30% (can be that S:Sideways has a cap, have not tried it to this extreme but it can go up quite with other rare skills in the pool).

My simple adivse for people who just want to shoot for 1 dream horse:

Level your horse and make sure that it has at least 15 skills learned once it reaches lvl 30, best including some rare ones. Of course, the more skills/ the more rare skills the better. Pay2Win horse gear might help a little imho same as branding (ppl say it does not) but I don´t use branding anymore either (if you increase a let´s say 5% chance to learn a new horse skill by 10% the effect is negliable).

If your horse does not have 14+ skills with a few rare Courser ones then do not waste coupons. It´s RNG. Reset if available or preferably get a new horse, i. e. from Pulvio after season. Or breed your own and btw i am convinced it is irrelevant in which stable you breed. T8 horses are a very common thing nowadays.

If your horse is gucchi: Do the one time family "Gulas Special Steed Seal" quest (needs 5 seals), get a free skill selection coupon and select S:Sideways. Or if you have that pick the other most rare Courser skill you yet need - check at stable NPC which one that is with the "Manage Skill" option. Do not swap skills at this point, just check probability rates and pick the most rare unlearned Courser skill you need to learn with that skill select coupon.

After this you may start using exchange coupons. Swap non Courser skills that are kinda rare for the Courser skills you want! Once you have a dream horse all skills will be reset anyways so no one cares for the skills of a shitty Courser, right? No need to train skills to 100% either, it´s a waste. Save this kind of stuff for your Dream horse.

Good luck. (:


Also it seems to be possible that a T8 horse actually learns all the skills needed to become a Courser without using any exchange coupons (but it comes at a very low chance). 


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