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Skill Preset Copying QoL
Mar 22, 2022, 15:14 (UTC)
94 1
Last Edit : Mar 22, 2022, 15:14 (UTC)
# 1

Hey there. I want to suggest the ability to copy presets from one character to another character, if they are of the same class. Many people have multiple of the same class and setting the same skills up every time you make such a character, or when a big update for skills causes a 'great reset', it a bit awkward.

Of course I understand that different characters will have different amount of skillpoints, so there would need to be some logic involved in applying the skills. I think you should be able to copy/upload/whatever your presets from the character of a class with the highest skill points to something like a 'Family Ranger Presets', for example. Or just simply to the archive and download it with another character of the same class.

Then it can be coded so that first, from top to bottom on the skill page, every skill in the preset gets unlocked without upgrades. Then, for each skill that has upgrades, upgrade 1 will be applied, also from top to bottom. Then upgrade 2. So on and so forth, until the character has no skillpoints left. 

Of course, there should be a check in case of succession skills - if a character's succession skills get unlocked, then the 'base' skill should get maxed as far as needed to open up the succession version and then the succ skill gets unlocked (as part of that very first cycle).

These are just some ideas about how it can be done. But it would greatly increase QoL.

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