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#Gameplay_General #Update
[P2W] New outfit price in RU/TW/JP/MENA/SEA/TH
Apr 27, 2022, 13:27 (UTC)
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Last Edit : May 4, 2022, 13:11 (UTC)
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On: May 4, 2022, 12:55 (UTC), Written by CatDK

It's a F2P game and they gotta make money somehow...

Their revenoue is sinking fast, which is not surprising given how fast the game declines due to their endless broken promisses/lies and bad managment, what you expect?

Mostlikely they will going to push a another increase at the end of this year.

Show me any p2w element in CS GO?

Even League of Legends is p2w game but CSGO not. 

Only skins. But (because there must always be a but) how does Valve make money on them? RMT!!! Same as items in Diablo 3 with RMAH.

Conclusion is simple: you can earn wisely or use aggressive p2w which only leads to one thing: game's death.

Games like BDO must have whales and must have poor people, but when whales have too much advantage, poor people disappear from the game, then whales no longer have advantage and they disappear too.

Last Edit : May 4, 2022, 13:20 (UTC)
# 22
On: May 4, 2022, 13:02 (UTC), Written by Warriors

Some video game companies generate income by releasing interesting content or skins, PA generates income by increasing the P2W 

Well yeah it would be nice if PA devs would be not lazzy af and would release better outfits and more, but you can clearly check from the quality and quantity they provide, that they mainly sell it for crons.

Like where are my cat ears on my cute DK? or better panties? surely modelling literately a string takes lot of time (no), they just don't care, it doesn't matter they can just sell the same premium outfit in bundless for crons anyway.

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Last Edit : May 4, 2022, 13:45 (UTC)
# 23

For people who grind Elvia regularly it is probably not a big deal, for people who play any other part of the game they are consistently falling further and further behind due to this inflation and PA's attempts to cover for it. Obviously swipers will be better off too.

I have to say, it is pretty demotivating for me personally.

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