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UTC 1 : 37 Oct 5, 2022
CEST 3 : 37 Oct 5, 2022
PDT 18 : 37 Oct 4, 2022
EDT 21 : 37 Oct 4, 2022
Still no Awakening info On Drak
May 5, 2022, 06:15 (UTC)
455 7
Last Edit : May 5, 2022, 06:15 (UTC)
# 1

No where else to vent so I'll just say it here and before I begin... yes I'm aware there's other classes to play. Yes I'm aware of the tag system. Yes, thank you very much for trying to "nicely" inform me of what patience means and what the devs said before launch. Good now that that's out of the way. why is there STILL no info on her awakening? Not even asking for full breakdown of weapon functionality or skills or a trailer. Just... anything. All we've gotten after a month after her release was a leaked PAX EAST picture which really isn't them dessiminating information or us learning... anything really except what appears to be a concept pic of her holding a spear in one hand and a thicker lance/spear in the other. My drak is currently just sitting on the dummy waiting, feeling like i'm waiting to play the game because her PVE is horrible as we all know and i just have a PEN BS awakening just sitting there, hammering home the point that we still haven't heard or know ANYTHING. So unless they drastically improve her pve its up to her awakening to save this class and as someone who's anxious to play her, it's all I got. Yes, yes, YES, there's other classes but when you want to play THIS class, it's extremely frustrating with the level of transparency from the devs or lack therof. My motivation to learn/play another class is virtually non-existent. If her awakening is horrible i will begrudgingly go back to Sorc or hell just take a long break as i really don't have any motivation to play her much anymore also. Has anyone heard or know something that i may have missed regarding this or are we all in the dark? I've scoured the discord and the web but absolute nothing. Any info would be greatly appreciated.   

Last Edit : May 7, 2022, 04:57 (UTC)
# 2

I would also be very interested to know how this Ynix flame continues and how much Drakania has to do with it.

Simply because I have this char at level 60 now and I want to know if everything was for nothing.

Would be really bitter if the season pass for 30 € was money thrown out the window and I didn't have time to raise another char.

Some hope for a spear, others think there's a heavy crossbow coming, I personally would like some kind of half-dragon shape.

Unfortunately, Wukong has become a Mobile China exclusive.

Last Edit : May 7, 2022, 17:24 (UTC)
# 3

"Some hope for a spear, others think there's a heavy crossbow coming, I personally would like some kind of half-dragon shape."

Unless I'm missing something, there was that PAX East pic I mentioned above that shows her awakening weapon. It was leaked a couple weeks back. Unless it's completely a false flag, we know at least THAT much. But over a month in and we still virtually know nothing. A planned release date would be MORE than enough. I'm just begging for a LITTLE transparency here. On another note, they just recently improved the pve capabilites of several classes (Sage, Corsair, Tamer) in glabs and didn't even touch Drak which is mind-boggling as it's literally unanimously agreed she is trash tier pve especially late game grind... with no awakening weapon... as the game's newest class. And you're gonna release the awakening weapon much later than classes previous and leave players stuck with it's abysmal succession pve performance? And you're still not gonna touch it? Really?? I have no words to express my overall frustration with the devs right now.  

Link for reference about the leaked awakening photo:

Last Edit : May 10, 2022, 13:25 (UTC)
# 4

She already has a long-range weapon with good damage and not much defense.

Swapping a two-handed weapon for a two-handed weapon would be kind of weak.

Either this spear has to be used to steer a dragon phantom, or I'm really very disappointed.

Last Edit : May 13, 2022, 00:44 (UTC)
# 5

IDK i think there's very high potential here. I wouldn't consider her pre-awakening long range. It's definitely close range with a few mid-range skills. Her pre-awakeneing is two handed but the awakening appears to be dual wielded spears of different sizes... which isn't the same thing as a two handed weapon. Only legitimate dual wielding awakening is Lahn. (you can include mystic/striker if you count their fists, valk as her shield does actually attack as a weapon and ninja? i suppose?). All of which have fast attack animations and grabs. So if we go based on what we know about whats already in the game... like i said, very high potential. The awakening costume in the leak also suggests a fast character with the sleek, water/ice themed designs as opposed to the bulky armor she has for pre-awakened. 

My entire issue apart from the lack of transparency for awakening is her succession is trash in pve. PvP she fine. For PvE however, her dmg is ok... but for a class that has to rely on ions to charge to deal efficient damage and slow animations, it needs to be better than okay. That, combined with the fact that her setup skills for prebuffing during mob pull are all unprotected and slow so you're going to get cc'd in high end pve places. You can do a skill or two (praying u don't get cc'd) and iframe, then do another setup skill, iframe THEN go into your rotation but doing that cuts heavily into her grind efficiency when you're having to iframe to protect yourself between uprotected setup skills for repositioning and the animation is slow. So we all know this. And if WE know this, then PA MUST know this. Yet, they've refused to buff her pve dmg, speed up animations or add protections to a few set up skills. A frontal guard... something! Meanwhile they've just buffed the pve of other classes, while not touching her. When she doesn't have an awakening alternative. On a class that they're taking longer to provide that awakening alternative. It just... mind boggling. Idk. PA release a planned date. Or a trailer with no planned date so we know all of this hoping and praying and patience for a good awakening will be rewarded. Something. Some transparency PA. Transparency!

Last Edit : May 14, 2022, 15:47 (UTC)
# 6

Why no Awakening Weapon for Drakania? What is taking so long? Did they forget about her?  

Last Edit : May 14, 2022, 17:14 (UTC)
# 7
On: May 14, 2022, 15:47 (UTC), Written by Raphael

Why no Awakening Weapon for Drakania? What is taking so long? Did they forget about her?  

So I have the feeling they have something big planned that can also fit the Awa Quest, then it was too much work and now she gets two spears?

WARNING SPOILERS I mean, in the Awa Quest, the White Witch comes up and talks about "I want to know what you used to look like.", the illusion you fight is called [Black Dragon Illusion]. A black dragon follows you all the time, but it doesn't do anything. What impression does that make?

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