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succ Mystic prey hunt skill effect
May 14, 2022, 06:56 (UTC)
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So i've been testing out mystic for the past week. So far i've only found one PvE combo that can wipe out a mob in stars end in under 5 seconds. I'm not too sure but I think that might be up to the other classes standard at 272kut AP with meal + villa buff + destruction spirit stone.  So far the biggest weaknesses i could find was her terrible mob pull moves (i dont think they exist) and bad AoE  on a few of her key PvE damage moves. The bad AoE on these few moves leads to many leftover mobs even on small pulls.

the specific moves im talking about are:

-Sweeping Kicks(s+f)

-Combo Hurricane(f) from -> Hidden claw(s+lmb), and -> Thunder Pound(shift+rmb)

-first hit of Hidden claw

Sweeping Kicks hits from a relatively small area around Mystic. It's too small to fully hit a mob of 6+ monsters in front of you. 

Combo Hurricane has a small hit box in front of Mystic. It's so small that you'll have trouble just hitting 4 monsters. 

Hidden Claw is an important debuffer in Mystic's toolkit. Unfortunately its first hit usually only hits 1-2 monsters. Doing the full version takes too long and makes Combo Hurricane inaccesable. 

It would be nice to see these moves AoE's affected by the Prey Hunt buff too. 

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