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UTC 11 : 5 Oct 4, 2022
CEST 13 : 5 Oct 4, 2022
PDT 4 : 5 Oct 4, 2022
EDT 7 : 5 Oct 4, 2022
Mythical Diné, a horse that can gallop on water, will be added but .... T10 horses (and even T9 and T8 gold) are no funny joke.
May 17, 2022, 10:50 (UTC)
153 1
Last Edit : May 17, 2022, 10:50 (UTC)
# 1

Materials needed for the T10 are ridiculously hard to collect, so for me these horses don't exist. And this is one of the greatest stupid things of this game. Waste a months collecting mats and then lose them in a pointless 3% attempt without any chance for better %. What's the point of adding something to the game that will have 0.0001% of the players? I don't see a problem in grind if it makes sense and rewards us for it. In BDO we have endless struggle with rng and % too low to make sense.

For one T10 attempt we need:

- 300 pure crystals and also 100 Moonlight Opal (Metal Solvent its not cheap),

- item from npc for 20m,

- 100 Fruit of Enchantment (fruits are always hard),

- 100 Everlasting Herb (medium hard),

- 100 Flower of Oblivion !!! which can only be obtained from horse imperial, so 100 = 20 T5 lvl15 horses,

- 100 Royal Fern Root, which can only be obtained from the daily and weekly quests, weekly = 30, daily = 1-5 (realistically1-4),

- 10 Mythical Feather which are practically impossible to get or buy; main source = t3 or t4 fairy, for several hundred fairies I had one t4 and maybe 2-3 t3, very low chance from Lakiaro, Lakiaro it's epic fail and this s. don't exist for me, and last source ONE weekly rng f. you player quest. I tried once, I have wasted 1000 of my energy skinning worthless hides and didn't even get one Powder of Ascension.

I don't even want to count how much time and money we waste for nothing.

And let's not forget that we also need two T9 horses which cost a small fortune.

So in my opinion, T10 horse should be guaranteed after collecting all these ingredients.

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