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UTC 17 : 59 Dec 7, 2022
CET 18 : 59 Dec 7, 2022
PST 9 : 59 Dec 7, 2022
EST 12 : 59 Dec 7, 2022
This alpha pet nonsense is overly complicated, and for what?
Jun 30, 2022, 00:49 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jun 30, 2022, 00:49 (UTC)
# 1

Why didn't PA just allow us to make all pets T5 and have their talent go up a tier? We're talking a 4% XP difference for all of the XP pets, since only one gets buffed instead of all five, and the pets with more powerful talents (such as increasing the drop rate) are already restricted to having only one out at a time. So, it looks like all of this complication with alpha pets was added just so that we couldn't get that extra 4% XP. Why? I don't see how that extra 4% would be overpowered at all - especially since PA regularly does stuff like have events with a 50% XP buff, and various scrolls that we use all the time have buffs at least that large. 4% is measily in comparison, and yet we can't have it. Instead, we have to deal with changing around alpha pets just to get a 1% buff. It makes T5 pets absolutely pathetic.

All PA had to do was to make it so that we could make all of our pets T5 so that they all get their talents buffed, and they didn't have to implement any of this alpha stuff. And if they wanted to make it so that you only needed to upgrade a single pet to get the loot buff, then they could have just made it so that having a single T5 pet out buffed the talent of all of your pets instead of just the one. The current system seems overly complicated just so that we can't get that 4%.

I would very much like to see PA change the T5 pet system so that either all T5 pets get their talent buffed or make it so that all of your pets that are out get their talent buffed so long as a T5 pet is out. It's nice that we can now get the loot rate increased, but outside of that, the way that T5 pets have been implemented is extremely underwhelming.

Last Edit : Jun 30, 2022, 01:05 (UTC)
# 2

p sure it's less about the % exp value, but more about the hp dragons and polar bear weight

whether or not that is game breaking probably still not

Last Edit : Jun 30, 2022, 04:18 (UTC)
# 3

I think the patch notes explain it here:

> However, we felt that the process to "upgrade" to a Tier 5 pet would prove too taxing on our Adventurers, so we decided to change the focus to increasing the pet looting speeds.

Last Edit : Jul 1, 2022, 03:16 (UTC)
# 4
On: Jun 30, 2022, 04:18 (UTC), Written by Entropoid

I think the patch notes explain it here:

> However, we felt that the process to "upgrade" to a Tier 5 pet would prove too taxing on our Adventurers, so we decided to change the focus to increasing the pet looting speeds.

which is nonsense. If it's too much a pain to upgrade pets, then players won't do it, but how on earth is that a reason to come up with a more complicated system and not allow players to get the benefits that would come with upgrading their pets if they were given the option? It would have been far simpler to allow us to get the full benefits of a T5 pet without all of this alpha nonsense, and PA wanted to give us the loot speed buff with just one T5 pet out, then they could have done that without needing any sort of alpha pet. Aside from the loot speed buff, this system is a total joke.

Last Edit : Jul 1, 2022, 06:53 (UTC)
# 5

It's fine, don't worry about it. It's much better than needing a massive amount of time or money to upgrade them pets. The loot speed buff is welcome. Personally I'd rather have 4% less exp than go through a normal upgrade process.

We could use more pet group slots. That's something you/we can cry about, not 4% experience.

Last Edit : Jul 1, 2022, 07:37 (UTC)
# 6

Typhical PA bullshit. All they had to do is copy paste the already existing functionality to upgrade the pets to t5, but they instead wasted developer time to make it's unique cluttered methood to upgrade.

But oh well, what to expect really.... they atleast added t5 pets after all those years.

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Last Edit : Jul 1, 2022, 10:37 (UTC)
# 7

always complaining never happy

Last Edit : Jul 3, 2022, 21:47 (UTC)
# 8

How is it complicated or convoluted? You craft an item, you upgrade it to T5, done. It's very straight-forward, and having an overall 15% buff to loot speed by having a single pet is definitely preferrable over upgrading 5 (or more). When people were talking about T5 pets, it was always about better looting for grinding, the buffs are secondary at best (irrelevant for most, I would argue). So this seems very nitpicky to me.

Last Edit : Jul 3, 2022, 21:55 (UTC)
# 9

This Thread is like: Pls give us up to T10 i need to spend 10.000€. :(

Last Edit : Jul 3, 2022, 22:10 (UTC)
# 10

Whale moment 

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