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Request| Things that can help our adventure more fun
Aug 2, 2022, 21:16 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Aug 2, 2022, 21:16 (UTC)
# 1

So, I kinda know the fact that this post will be ignored and wither away in time since PA will not care about it but atleast if some of you guys get a great ideas cause of this post to make changes, i will be glad :) 

1) Class skills's animation color changing filter! 

Color changing from our skills to make things much more intresting and unique! 

2) Gavi-Regan & Crown Eagle outfit for all BDO classes incuding new & upcomming classes

3) Partical effects on outfits & weapon | Partical effects on boss weapons - Armors | More outfits for NEW classes

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Last Edit : Aug 3, 2022, 12:35 (UTC)
# 3

1. Effect coloring for yourself would be easy to implement, you would just need to inject a parameter at the effect spawn. This would be beneficial for those who are colorblind since if your character has a red effect, chaning it to blue would make it more noticeable. On a client side, this should be easy. On a multiplayer side, it could take some time to implemennt unfortunately and it would add to extra data that we all know they can't handle. The latency is already high enough as it is :'(

2. I have the crown outfit for my shai, I don't remember how I got it but somehow I got it for free. I never worn it once. There's too much armor for the general audience in this game but I do agree that all outfits should be for all classes. At least put in that extra effort if you're going to spend weeks designing an outfit lol

3. As long as I can disable it. My blackstar weapon is already pushing how much effects I would want on a weapon and adding more would make me want to find a weapon without it. I inveted heavily into blackstar not because it's better but because it's pretty, so it would suck if they changed it.



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