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UTC 18 : 42 Dec 8, 2022
CET 19 : 42 Dec 8, 2022
PST 10 : 42 Dec 8, 2022
EST 13 : 42 Dec 8, 2022
[EU][PVP] My Archer style.
Aug 13, 2022, 10:11 (UTC)
172 1
Last Edit : Aug 13, 2022, 10:26 (UTC)
# 1

Radiant Explosion->Flow: Light's Trail->Righteous Smite->Luthraghon's Call->Flow: Light's Trail->Glissade->Marked Bloom->Radiant Storm->Arrow Explosion->Bolt of Radiance.

Or just Marked Bloom & Flow: Grand Bloom from second line.

The truth is that Archer does not have any pvp combo because after all nerfs he dies within a second of starting pvp. The only thing Archer is good in pvp is node and conquest war where he can stand in the second line and shoot those few skills that are actually range skills.

Without protection, without cc, with very slow skills (also charging skills) and 3/4 melee skills Archer does not exist in pvp (solo, rbf, solar) and in pve end game zones.

What is most important: PA still doesn't know how to fix a critical bug that prevents Archer skills from dealing any damage when the opponent is at a different height.

Which makes it impossible to play on the solar map with these buff / debuff spheres.



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