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Looking for Class Feedback and Suggestions!
Sep 8, 2022, 04:01 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 21:12 (UTC)
# 31

Family Name: Syllabus
Region (NA/EU): EU
Class (Awakening/Succession): Sorceress Succession
Suggestion: Class underperforms in PVP

Succession sorc is a loot weaker in PVP than its awakening counterpart. Biggest issue are the limited protected movement capabilities and the much lower damage of skills like Violation compared to the awakening sorc version. 

Improvements I would like to see to make the class more accessible:

SA on Prime Midnight Stinger: Awakening sorc has more movement and protected movement capabilities. Making Prime Midnight Stinger SA would at least make protected movement a little less challenging. Or give us Core Skills to put extra protection onto a skill we choose.

Reduce Crow Flare cooldown to 1 second: Succession sorc does not have an S-Block so it is impossible to stay protected for a longer amount of time. The 2 second cooldown prevents us from at least having an easy playable combination of Crow Flare->Night Crow->Crow Flare to have some protection. Instead we have to rotate somethine like Crow Flare->Night Crow->Rushing Crow->Violation->Crow Flare->Night Crow->Dark Flame->Night Crow->Crow Flare to manage the cooldowns, which is very easy to screw up. 

Give us an S-Block: Alternative to the reduced Crow Flare cooldown, just give us an S-Block that more or less all other classes have. There is no reason for succ sorc not to have an S-Block.

Adjust the PVP damage: Succession sorc already has a lot less damage skills than awakening sorc so at least let the skills she has do the same damage in PVP. There is absolutely no excuse that the prime version of a skill does less damage than the absolute version of the skill. 

I am sure there could be more but these are my personal biggest issues.

Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 20:50 (UTC)
# 32

Family Name: Phelsong
Region: NA
Class: Shai
Suggestion: Shai Psuedo Rework
Details: Shai is and has been underperforming in ALL content save a couple of very endgame pve spots. She breaks things are some extremes or niche situations, but is just bad in almost every other area of the game. 
Shais core issues lie in excessive cooldowns and a handful of buggy mechanics. What I would suggest is basically a proper rework, as it stands right now Shai will not be buffed in a way that makes her effective for the majority of players.
-- We're Gonna Win needs a rework in general. It doesnt function properly; stuff cancels itself randomly, moving causes songs to double cast, movement abilities cancel songs but dont actually..., and the list goes on.
I would suggest making the Songs have the Ranged component and melee aura componenet by default, rework WgW to do something else beneficial. 
possible options...
---- 1: (more) additional bongo damage at the cost of some utility
---- 2: Added Tute (flute) song effects at the cost of damage
---- 3: protections at the cost of damage
---- 4: self Defense at the cost of damage
---- 5: Change Song effects in some interesting way
---- 6: Single use Skill augment
---- 7: 3-5 sec Super Armor group buff
---- 8: some combination of any of the above

-- Tam Tam (Bongo) skills simply do not do enough damage or have enough utility to justify their usage outside of simple PvP cc and are legitimately a DPS loss in basically any usage.
---- Bongo Damage should be buffed at least 100%, if not more, on all 3. 
I would reccomend +30-50% damage boost, plus 30% crit rate, plus down attack added.
---- IF ^ damage is buffed, Getting addons for these skills would be a nice perk.
---- With mobility and protection creep after reboots, the CC components are just not as effective as they used to be. Damage is too high, I would suggest adding some inherent DR% to all 3 (or at least Echo)[+20% DR rate while playing bongo?], so they are useable without simply being killed thru them.
---- Sun's Fury slow is just not competetive for a support class, numerous classes have 30%+ and almost every class has easily accessible 20%. This is not adequate utility for the handful of skills we have.
I would suggest buffing the slow to -35% [by adding +15% to Sol, making up for reducing Haze bonus][doing it this way also keeps it to -31% in solare]

-- Misty Haze nerf was too excessive and greatly dimished the class's playstyle. Missing the skill via FG, movement, or just poor aim and being locked out for 3 whole minutes is too punishing. Plus, we want to play a bard, let us play music.
I would suggest reducing the rate to 15%/15% [with Pen Artina], reducing the cooldown/duration back to 20 seconds, and reduce the stacking effect with Rang to -20 in PvE and PvP (and Rang not stacking with other classes -dp). [by reducing Sol bonus to +5% at Pen]

---- ^ ie make Hop3, Twirl3, and Kwik2: -20 All DP in PvE and PvP

-- Delusive i would also suggest reducing to 20 sec cooldown to match, its one of the few powerful skills we have to change a group fight. I would also like to see the -ap buffed to -35 and the -crit chance% reduced to 35% (to compensate somewhat)

-- I would love to see another Tring (lute) song that has a -healing% and/or potent a Damage over Time effect. 

-: 20 sec cd, Super Armor, -15% Healing Recieved, 1000% x 40 (over the 20 seconds), and 80 pain damage per 2 for 20 seconds

-- Tute (flute) as a whole needs some kind of protection, its far too easy to get interupted and locked down as a Shai. this applies for both PvE and PvP. Were forced to eat mob CC/damage since where stuck standing still and/or jump around trying to avoid it and breaking up mob groupings. In pvp, any random/stray CC finds its way to us. We cant even be in range to buff teammates without also being in CC range. 
I would suggest Frontal Guard on all Tute songs, so we can be protected from random CC but also cant just freely buff allies forever.

-- Tute Rank 3 system needs a rework, this in concept is fine, but the choices put forward are not compelling and feel bad.
---- Sun, Moon, Stars R3: Just feels like this should be the default for us as a Shai. 
I would suggest removing Sun, Moon, Stars from the rank3 system and having it be a choice between only the other 3.
---- Shout to the Sky R3: I would make the Hot baseline for Rank2 and have Rank3 just increase the healing amount. This also doesnt scale at all, with my already 9-10k HP pool it feels very lackluster.
-: Rank 2: +15% Max HP, +10% HP, +100 HP per 2 for 10 seconds [this is still about +700 max at "normal hp" levels, Valk puri is 20% heal on 8 sec cd.]
-: Rank 3: +20% Max HP, +15% HP , +150 HP per 2 for 10 seconds [this is around +1200 max]
---- Summer Rain R3: This skill has been made almost useless in PvP with the CC changes and only effective for some niche content as is.
-: Rank 2: +30% All Resist, +5% DR Rate, +15DR
-: Rank 3: +40% All Resist, +8% DR rate, + 20DR
---- Time to Shine R3: The BSR is awesome, but is totally invisible the vast majority of the time.
-: Rank 2: +3% BSR regen, +1 Hp on Attack, +100 MP per 5
-: Rank 3: + 4% BSR regen, +2 Hp on Attack, +150 MP per 5
This Change gives each one a solid role. 1 for healing, 1 for defense, 1 for offense

-- Tuning is and has always been a useless skill, please rework it into something.

-- Do it Better; animation needs a speed up. Its currently the only E buff in the game that can literally kill you to use.

moving on to Pre-awakening:
-- Surf is just poorly designed, the novelty has long worn off.
Please make the start/stop significantly faster or give it Super Armor

-- Come Out, Come Out: the CD is opressive for what it does. Its a Taunt skill, similar skills have a 15-20 sec CD. Not 2 minutes.
I would suggest reducing the cooldown to 20 seconds

-- Play Dead, 5 min cd for what is Nightmare/Nocture without the cool bonuses....
I would suggest reducing cooldown to between 30-60 seconds

-- Rabams other than Twirl Boom need a complete rework.
---- Spirits AI is terrible, they die too easy, and have too much overlap/dont stack with similar effects. 
Would suggest making the effect (short) ranged projectiles and increasing the base HP/DP
---- Tumble is just bad; no damage, protection doesnt even last the skill duration, does get the flow speed buff Twirl Boom does... 
I would just make this baseline, increase the FG duration and give use a new Rabam. We need the Pve bound of misc content anyways
---- Careful doesnt heal enough, heal yourself, and has horrible Z axis issues. Doesnt heal anyone at all the majority of the time. 
I would make this more like Corsair's Mist Effects
-:  +100 HP to self and allies per second while in area. lasts 10 seconds (20 sec CD)
---- Now!; I would make this like Toxic Flood, but reveals/slows and some minor damage 
-:  700x20 (over the duration), reveals enemines, -10% all slow for 5 seconds. lasts 10 seconds (12 sec CD)

-- Get Well needs % scaling and a buff, it just does not heal remotely enough. 
Alternately i would suggest reworking it to be a Super HoT as it meshes with the other parts of the kit

-: +10% HP on ticks (max 3), +350 per 2 for 10 seconds --- cooldown lowered to 60 seconds

-- Sprinkle Sparkle, has almost no relevance to the game. At the very least Id suggest making in a Mana over time and significantly stronger, if not entirely changing it.
I would suggest a Slow/Dot cleanse with Super Armor on a low CD.

--Gather Round; needs some love. It doesnt work against most mobs [even life mobs], doesnt do damage, and costs stamina? what even is this.

dont really know how/should this should be fixed in context of other suggestions.

-- Gathering/Alchemy passives need a rework. They suck. bad.

ideas: random Trace Drops on monster kills, increase elxir durations, increase chance of extra gathering loot, increased chance at more alchemy blue procs, +mastery, etc....
Tuck and Roll + Hop, Skill buffs need their durations increased to 15 or 20 seconds. We have too much to keep up for these to have such short windows. 
Go Away needs its hotkey changed to S + F and probably should be a Bound or KD. 

Add Caphras Enhancement to Sol. We cant keep up in the brackets with other classes, making Talent damage even worse than it already is. 

Shai also as a whole needs another hard look at ability flow, certain skills get caught or interupted do to hit stagger (not even proper CC).
PvP damage taken needs a look as well, most of us are fine with being a full support class, but being forced into seperate gear to not get blown up is unacceptable. 

This post was hidden by a staff due to the reports it has received.
This post was hidden by a staff due to the reports it has received.
Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 18:21 (UTC)
# 35

Family Name: Jonneyfive
Region (NA/EU): NA
Class (Awakening/Succession): Awakening
Suggestion: Adjust protections/scaling
Details: Awakening warrior was argueably top 1v1'er for a time or at least the top few but with recent changes to other classes including warrior gravedig nerf its fallen behind the 1v1 scene as "top" and because of this struggles even more in large scale and AoS than it used to.

Previously warrior used to act as a "Rat" or flex class, running around or staying with their group winning 1v1s in quick succesion to be useful and have impact on war, outside of T1s it is NOT viable at all in any mainball as its Q block is instantly blown up with 401dp+ and even can happen in certain 1v1 scenarios. With gravedig nerf it cannot trade with certain classes (Musa, succ dracc, mae, etc) and is 100% reliant on grab. Grab is currently unprotected, a 14second CD & is heavily impacted by both yours and your oppenents ping to servers. If you play vs a musa or Mae with lower ping than you it is almost impossible to grab them if they are skilled as they can abuse the desync to "teleport" around your character. This and with the combination of warriors unprotected movement and lack of sustained movement the class has to be aggressive and is a risk/reward of if grab misses you lose and if it lands they lose, which is fun for no one.

Suggestion: Warrior needs some sort of protected movement, needs some sort of protected ability to trade but we dont want it to be reliant solely on grab & Grave slow as protected slows (above 10%) should not exist in BDO.

Reckless core if full charged: Allows warrior to have a procted CC or dmg that has a long charge time, making it so people can easily counter it with a grab or evade it if needed while giving warrior some sort of sustain and dmg.

Remove core solar flare and make Super armor innate along with removing its CC. Solar flare is rarely used as a CC anyways and is currently our only protected disengage which is still VERY unreliable as it needs headchase to also be on cooldown. Solar flare innate SA allows for better mobility and allows warrior to take something else as core to help the kit.

Headchase flow, add headchase flow as a secondary cooldown to headchase (similar to wizard Teleport Flow) but instead of iframe make it SA. Allows for warrior to move without it being broken as another iframe.

Heavens cleave SA, flow out of solar flare thats insanely slow needs SA as it also deals low dmg in comparison to other skills other classes have that are SA.

Keep gravedig slow at 10% but restore it to 10seconds, 10% slow is fairly neglible for most classes in uncapped PvP and only matters in AoS, in group fights you're still killing people but gives warrior only a slight edge.

Add other affects to warcry, scars and other skills that give dp/dr buffs. As they've removed the stacking they're now useless as we always have Q block buff which overwrites these.

Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 18:24 (UTC)
# 36

Family Name: Caust
Region (NA/EU): EU
Class (Awakening/Succession): Berserker Awakening
Suggestion: Flame buster combined with our Q buff: Titan Syndrome

- Currently we have the issue that with our q buff active we are not able to fast fire without animation. The level 2 & 3 of flame buster when you fire put you in an animation before firing the shot that is way to long in a meta with a lot of fast classes than can drop cc's in the locked animation.


- Keep the system for q buff as it is. It's ok that the infinite knockdowns got removed. But currently our q buff feels really stale to use and way more useless to use overall, it's still unprotected even with high resists. Giving us our normal damage on a fast cast just like level 1 flame buster seems like a fair reward for positioning. I currently play with it on level 1 since atleast i can move around decently fast at the loss of a lot of damage.
TLDR: Make is so that Titan syndrome enables Berserker to use a fast animation Flame buster on ALL levels and not just level 1.
For the rest the class is fine. Thanks for years of joy!

Lv Private
This post was hidden by a staff due to the reports it has received.
Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 18:26 (UTC)
# 38

Family Name: Uca

Region: EU

Class: Awakening Mystic

Suggestion: Improve pvp utility


Mystic is a really interesting melee class. The class has amazing control around her. Her succession has amazing damage where her awakening is more about control and support. Personally I don't think awakening having strong damage for PvP is what Pearl Abyss envisions for the spec. I like that awakening is more supportive in PvP, being a tanky class with good control and with low damage. However I do think that her intended presence and pressure isn't living up to the expectations. These changes is what mystic needs to make the intention of Pearl Abyss a reality.


Mystic awakening doesn't really have frontals. The proctection is mostly Super Armor. This is good to be able to soak damage while still being a threat. However I do think that she should get a skill with frontal guard in awakening. Since adding a new frontalguard would be a bit excessive, I was thinking about changing the Super Armor of Gushin Water to Frontal Guard. This would give her the ability to react to threats and incoming damage since Gushin Water is an amazing skill that flows off of other skills. This would also make the gameplay more fluid by giving awakening the chance to block damage rather than soaking it.

Awakening Mystic's new skill called Raging Wind was introduced with the intent of pulling monsters better. I have yet to experience this "intention" with the new skill. The range is pretty cool but you don't pull monsters using Raging Wind. It's also not practical to use the skill in PvE to pull. This cool idea Pearl Abyss had, could be turned into something better for PvP. The skill has no damage which is totally fine. However adding a stiff on Raging Wind would make the skill usefull. Adding a Knockdown on Dragon Strike after Raging Wind would give awakening more utility to control the fight around her, better.


Rather than buffing her weakness (that is having low damage in PvP), Pearl Abyss should buff the good part of Awakening which is control and support.

PS: I happen to have this feedback translated in Korean as well, because I made a koreanpost a couple of weeks ago. Link to the post.

This post was deleted by the writer.
Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 18:32 (UTC)
# 40

Family Name: Seinaruu
Region (NA/EU): NA
Class (Awakening/Succession): Succession Maehwa
Suggestion: passive change, stamina regen on whirlwind cut and petal swirl cd reduction 
Details: the passive on succession maehwa being ignore stun resist has extreme low value considering the succession passives of other classes. Especially when you changed prime blind thrust from stun to stiff leaving decap the only stun in the succession kit which is used so much outside of any way to utilize it's stun. Request a passive change to match the needs of the class, such as 5-15% stamina cost reduction on chase would be a good balance.

To further help the stamina management of the kit since it cannot rotate forward guards reliably, whirlwind cut ought to regen stamina. It's only fair considering that musa fiery angel movement ability regens stamina which makes very little sense if all movement abilities are suppose to consume stamina. Whirlwind cut is not a movement skill but a trading skill or finisher. It deserves a stamina buff.

Petal swirl being the old 15 secs cool down is extremely out of date compared to the awakening kit's petal swirl cool down. Match the cool down of the ability. 

Additionally, maehwa has very little to combat grabs and trading and nothing compared to musa's fiery angel's utility. Sleet step iframe and sa on cd would be of great benefit to the awakening kit. Stigma on both kits would benefit greatly having initial iframe into SA on stab and give her the edge she needs to outplay grab classes. 

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