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Looking for Class Feedback and Suggestions!
Sep 8, 2022, 04:01 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 19:27 (UTC)
# 61

Family Name: PsylockeX
Region (NA/EU): EU
Class (Awakening/Succession): Striker Awakening
Suggestion: General PvE improvements
Details: I can't find anything to suggest for this class. It's already at its peak performance and I'm grateful for that. However I think it would be nice if Endless Explosion damage was buffed for PvE. Remove the Stun in PvE on Echo Spirit as let's face it, who stuns mobs? Lastly, make the animation for Battle Cry have an actual cry? ;)

Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 19:29 (UTC)
# 62

Family Name: Hasie
Region: NA
Class: Ranger (Succession)
Suggestion: Feedback for recent changes to Succession Ranger
Recently there was a change to Prime: Ultimate: Blasting Gust, changed from Super Armor to Frontal Guard
According to the devs, the change was made so the skill has better capability in high end PvE. 

However, changing it to Frontal Guard made the skill redundant, same function as Prime: Razor Wind, Prime: Extreme Charging Wind (shotgun). The developers noted a contradiction that Prime: Ultimate: Blasting Gust is Ranger's signature skill, but now there is nothing better or special about the skill as it is low dps, stationary Frontal Guard skill.

The change affects ranger PvP in terms of Arena of Solare, (not so much in open world). With many classes with 'go behind the enemy's back' skills (i.e Sorc Nightmare, DK's Nocturne, Ninja/Kuno Blockjump, Hash Arid Assault) that are popular in Arena of Solare, changing Prime: Ultimate: Blasting Gust to Frontal Guard is rather a significant nerf. 

In fact, no one has asked for this change and only thing I've heard so far from both NA and KR players are negative about this change. 
Please revert the Super Armor back to the skill.

And if you are going to say it's a class signature skill, please make it so it lives up to the name. 

Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 19:33 (UTC)
# 63

Family Name: Eir
Region (NA/EU): EU
Class (Awakening/Succession): Maewha Sucession 
Suggestion: Needs an overall upgrade


I have commented on the subject before, but since a thread is opened to talk about ir, I expose my ideas and opinions as a Maewha otp ( ''One Tirck Pony'') player from many years. 

I would like to make several points about why the maewha urgently needs a big buff, not only because she is one of the worst characters for both pvp and pve, but because there are characters that are absurdly broken right now, such as berseker, striker, sorcerer...

- To begin with, we start from the basis that the character can hardly stand anything, he dies immediately like many others, but unlike the others, he does not have the resources to be able to defend himself or attack. He barely has supermor abilities, he only has 1 invincible which is temporary on the first dash or ''Chase'' every x time and getting into combat to deal damage is practically impossible, he only has some of his frontal guards attacks and most of his abilities to start combos or catch enemies have nothing and are not protected in any way.

Not even breaking through for a surprise attack usually works out, also one of the best options he had previously was his arrows. But they were nerfed for no logical reason. It's true that Awakening has received some significant improvements and is a bit better, but the Sucession at the moment is completely out of date and unplayable.

- Another important point is the issue of breath, the maewha spends 5 breath points for each dash and her attacks also spend breath. If you do the dash canceling the ability you spend 10 breath points and on top of that the game design sometimes pushes you back spending breath and energy anyway. You advance 80 meters on the map spending 100% of your breath.  The maewha does not have energy problems, it recovers more than it spends but it does recover breath, and even having breath at level 35+ I stay at 0 in nothing when other characters like berseker as an example his breath does not drop below 80 never moving 10 times more that the maewha, jumping from one side to another, or for example the valkyrie that does exactly the same and doesn't waste breath either...

for example:

Dragon bite consumes 8 breath points.
Carver consumes 6.
Decapitation consumes 4 or 5, I don't understand why sometimes it consumes more or less, it is something that should appear in the skills section but only the energy it consumes appears but not the breath of any.
Whirlwind cut consumes 11 breath points.

This is a character that focuses on combos, good attack with low defenses and good mobility, this is how he has always tried to sell himself but now he has no combo chances and mobility compared to many other characters.

I think it would be a good option to eliminate or significantly change the breath function since there are characters that do not spend or spend little and others who spend too much, it feels very heavy and frustrating even when grinding, one has to spend half an hour walking to recover the character's breath between pulls and pulls because he spends too much and right now the character doesn't even have his only tool which was mobility, he only has decent damage left that he can't take advantage of because he has no way to hit safely and no way to move anymore faster than other classes...

It is literally impossible to catch a berserker, a valkyrie, a nova... playing maewha. So the character has no mobility, hardly any protections, no grabs and average decent damage that many others far exceed, as well as having greater stamina, defenses and many other tools to be played better.

Possible solutions to improve it in both pvp and pve:

- Add a grab to the class

- Remove or modify breath from various Skills

- Substitute many or several frontal guard skills for supermor to be able to safely start the fights.

- Put back Stub Arrow as it was before, now it's a useless tool

- Fix the designs that are caused in the game when using dash

I hope you take into account all this that I tell you as a veteran player of this class and help you to improve. All the best.

Lv Private
Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 19:36 (UTC)
# 64

Family Name: JustA_Goat
Region (NA/EU): EU
Class (Awakening/Succession): Ranger (Succession)
Suggestion: Ranger PvE Improvement idea
Details: Ranger has terible Skill addon options for PvE mainly caused by low tiers plus skills having Flows without skill addon posibility.

Suggestion: Fusing skills Descending Current+Ultimate: Descending Current and Blasting Gust+Ultimate: Blasting Gust into 1 skill, as it were done on some other skills before and giving both skills Tier 2 skill addons + also enabling addons for Ultimate/Extreme: Charging Wind and making it posible to use from Quick Slot.

Also Succession Ranger is ultimately lacking HP Regen on skills compared to most of other classes and Archer, so I would also like to suggest adding HP regen (from 10 to 30) per hit on Descending Current.

This post was hidden by a staff due to the reports it has received.
Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 19:50 (UTC)
# 66

Family Name: Matenceros
Region (NA/EU): EU
Class (Awakening/Succession): Awakening Corsair
Suggestion: Bug Fixes/Gaps/Stamina 
Stamina: For a Class that has roughly 15 Skills that use stamina and about 10-12 that are regularly used shes just bound to run out of stamina fairly quick. 
Id love to see a reduction of those numbers as there are quiet a few skills over 250 Stamina. While the rest sits at around 200. 
But the better solution would be to simply add Stamina regen to skills like Sun Shielder (Shift Q) or Storm Surge (W+Rmb)
There are enough skills that require her to use stamina (and all of them block the regen during it). No reason for non consuming skills to do so aswell. And to make the matter worse There are multiple bugs that Involve her terrible Stamina and ill come to that in a sec.

So as for her Bugs and Gaps

She has quiet a lot of bugs. Some are borderline breaking the class. 
To name a Few easily recreatable ones: 

- Using Jet Stream after any Stamina consuming skill. will completely block the regen of Stamina. 
- Using Skedadle during the awakening version of Smooth Sailing. doubles the cost of the skill. so instead of 200 it will cost 400 to use it. 
- Sea Stroll cannot be used in the air when using Wipe Out If you have used skills before it. If you use it without any skills it works perfectly fine. Spiral Soak works just fine if used either way. 
- You cannot use Pirates Life for me (F) When at 0 Stamina. even tho the skill does not require any. 
- It is possible to pocket the Anchor (again). Simply use Skedadle before the Anchor goes off. as long as you stay in pre awakening you can keep it indefinitely 
By using Wave Breaker you can let go of it and technically shoot out a second Anchor right after. 

There are plenty more and id gladly list em all up with how to recreate them. 

To mention one more ''bug/gap'' that shouldnt exist:

You can get cc'd out of every mermaid skill. it can be during almost every part of the skill. This happens the most during Spiral Soak. after the Iframe part. But its possible to get cc'd straight out of the 100% Sea stroll during the long SA part. so it cant even be desync after the iframe. 
This especially affects Succession as they heavily rely on these skills. and die a lot of times just because of it. 
I think one guy alone made enough proof that this is a serious issue. and has been reporting this issue ever since it became one. 

Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 19:54 (UTC)
# 67

Family Name: Ballistophobiaaa
Region (NA/EU): NA
Class (Awakening/Succession): Striker Succession
Suggestion: Shard Regeneration, Fall Animation from Nimbus and please try again error
Details: Make it so the  shards regenerated from a skill are generated entirely on the first hit of a skill. Currently there is a very annoying delay on the shard regenerating from skills especially final blow and savage fang, please make it so the use of a third shard is applied before the skil animation so the regeneration of the shard used can be activated earlier. 
Both awaken Striker and succession have the below issues: 
Being put into a falling animation during the use of Nimbus Striker if we're hit by certan skills. 
Please try again when dashing around with 3 shards and an e buff. 
also please make the character hit box move into the air with the character during the animations of Twisted collision, Landslide, Nimbus Striker, Fatal smashand strikethrough, please remove cc from strikethrough in pvp

Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 22:56 (UTC)
# 68

Family Name: Dreadspark
Region: NA
Class: Shai 
Suggestion: Make Shai Succession and Awakening kits
Details: The Shai Class Kit is too hard for design teams to balance and result in choices that sacrifice either PvE or PvP and force players to feel horrible about the class. Please change the Shai Kit to Succession (Florang PvP-AP/PvE) and Awakening (PvP-DP/Eva/Support). In this way, Shais will be easier for developers to balance and able to perform like normal classes for PvE or in dueling with their AP Succession Kit while still having Awakening support which will do very little PvP dmg but will be able to play a more tanky support-focused role. This brings harmony back to the Shai class and allows Developers at PA to design monster zones without fear of the Shai class being too hard to balance. 

Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 20:00 (UTC)
# 69

Family Name: Gizmous
Region (NA/EU): EU
Class (Awakening/Succession): Ranger Sucession 
Suggestion: Needs an overall upgrade

Fix 'Please try again later', this happening very often in Tearing Arrow skill which is mostly used skill in succ ranger kit (not the "signature skill" which is useless). Give some better defense capability when "range is protection" is not valid anymore with dashing, or insta TP behind back classes and her being very squishy. She can't get that range and do some DMG because she needs to run for her life for SA trade without any DMG with classes which can get to her in seconds when doing DMG and killing her very fast.

Last Edit : Sep 8, 2022, 20:04 (UTC)
# 70

Family Name: Dreadspark
Region: NA
Class: Shai 
Suggestion: Return Dream Donkey to Shai
Details: Dream Donkey was the best mount and it was a tragedy that PA ever removed it. Shai players view this removal as imprisonment of our friend and companion. Please release Dream Donkey from Mount Prison so we might soar again! The restored faith would be unimaginable for many if not all Shais.

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