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Sep 10, 2022, 13:30 (UTC)
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I know BDO is already a great game with best combat design in MMO genre and we all love about BDO easy to understand gear progression. I know BDO is a PVE game even tho 100s of players argue with me for otherwise but at the END it's all about going circle around a grind location over & over again which in time becomes a very frustrating & burden to our heart & mind and dispite that we all still grind cause we love our chosen class which then again keeps us in fear of "What if PA nerfs it heavly" or "Why is PA not giving attention to my fav class", With this added, it only makes us lose intrest in game all together slowly overtime. 

You know in present meta, every class with even 230Ap can make +500m/h easily grinding low end spots earning them more silvers/h compared to some of the dead high end grind locations which is indeed doesn't make sense to us cause why grind high end if we can earn more in low end, right? Still, that's PVE... Grinding in circle for 1000s of hours.

So to the point now;

BDO has lots of dead content and it's dead because its not rewarding nor it has anything to do with our gear progression because it has nothing to do with gear progression, players will gradully stop play the content all together overtime and i know PA will feel very disrespected / unappreaciated cause of that but what else can players do? At present time there is only 2 path ways of gear progression which is PVE & life skill. Which is something that i just mentioned aboved to be more frustrating over time. And i would kindly like to suggest a 3rd path of gear progression and that is PVP. More then 70% of BDO players love PVP and i am certain of it. 1000s of players are just sitting in Battle Arena for a competetive PVP (1v1) or just randomly nuking other players to provoke then to dual with them. 

PA we already know in Past you released a battle royal PVP content called Shadow Arena which was a great success because It was a 3rd way progression to player's gear while they also enjoyed the thrill of 1 vs 50 / survival with team 3 v 50 / 2 v 50. At the current date we have Arena of Solare and other 5v5 pvp content. Can we BDO players please request to you for such content with good rewards which helps us in our gear progression while also having fun? If AOS give us 30m/h each time we lose or 50m/h each time we win, that would be enough of gear progression for use while having fun cause we will be getting every 8mins~225millions - 375millons silver/h which is a satisfactory amount compared to a real PVE grind locaton which gives +400m/h. 

A fun 1v1/2v2/3v3 or even battle royal.

Hoping to hear a hopeful reply to this. 

PS: please don't make it a stand alone game after it's success. Don't repeat the same mistake you did with Shadow Arena please.

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Last Edit : Sep 10, 2022, 20:20 (UTC)
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On: Sep 10, 2022, 13:30 (UTC), Written by Awgust

More then 70% of BDO players love PVP and i am certain of it. 

Boy oh boy, id say a small fraction of all players actually participate in PVP and a part of THEM "loves" it.



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