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In-game sidegame things like casino, sports etc in an MMORPG, what is your take on it?
Sep 22, 2022, 20:47 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Sep 22, 2022, 20:47 (UTC)
# 1

PSO and FF have casinos (with currency that is only obtainable within the casino)

SWTOR has or at least had a football kind of game, but it's been too long to remember.

Star citizen has racing

I'm not familiar enough with other MMOs to give more examples but it seems that these things are pretty common. In BDO there are horse races and during the summer event there was Papu vs Otters which had potential.

What are your thoughts on these types of things that you can do on the side? Are these types of things interesting to you? Would you like to see more in BDO if they were to add something? Would something like the football game in Star wars be fun?

I know, they could add more content to the game, they could fix their class system etc etc etc... But that would defeat the conversation part of this thread so please just go with it if you want to take part of the discussion. Let's just go hypothetically they can add a new game within the game, what would you like to see?

Last Edit : Sep 22, 2022, 22:56 (UTC)
# 2

fishing snow ball fight ^_^

Last Edit : Sep 24, 2022, 18:08 (UTC)
# 3

There is also "Yar" game, just without winning any unique currency.

But I dunno, I think it's good being an event.
If you implement all the things as usual thing there is nothing which can be an event anymore, except maybe the usual things like droprate, increased EXP or alike which isn't making the game different in the end. (And seriously it would make the game super complex to maintain)

 What I really liked are such crossover events like as they implemented new side story/games of some movies/cartoons/anime in the BDO universe- for example which happened already with beserk, squid game or cursed. 

Maybe some videogames in the future, too like dunno, popular ones like DOOM or Tekken xD  

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Last Edit : Oct 26, 2022, 23:09 (UTC)
# 4

Well what i think is that it's not cool to teach people to gabmle (the whole game is an rng gamble :D :D :D ) 
It will be fun to play chess or somthing like that but nothing that you have to pay anything 
Call me and old conservant but teaching people to gamble is umm no no for me

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This post was hidden by a staff due to the reports it has received.


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