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UTC 20 : 42 Dec 5, 2022
CET 21 : 42 Dec 5, 2022
PST 12 : 42 Dec 5, 2022
EST 15 : 42 Dec 5, 2022
RBF Gear bug / Damage bug
Sep 22, 2022, 22:42 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Sep 22, 2022, 23:05 (UTC)
# 1

I have suspected, but for the first time saw it very clearly. Your damage output can become bugged and you have highly reduced damage.

I’m still yet to recording this happening (will work on that now I know it's real and not just compium, had to be sure and have been watching this for about a year now).

One match I was doing next to zero damage to all players, no misses, I’m a high accuracy shai and 281ap, I expected to see something, that was the first clue.

So I quickly exited the game, CLOSED DOWN EXIT LAG and loaded bdo back up. Jumped back in a match and whent after the same players. Damage was now good, I was getting kills and fast :)

Don’t know if this is exit lag or RBF coding, but I won’t be running exit lag and will see if it happens without it, and hopefully record that too.

So you’re not nuts, it happens.. be aware of that if something feels wrong and made restart your game.


This is the actual reason why we have no gear inspection option.

Because if there was one, you could set it private if you want to hide gear…. But WE are feed a BS excuse. Lies,.. it’s not the bug that tilts me, it’s the lies we are fed to cover it up.

Nah, if it was an option; we could more easily see when this bug is in play.. that would help us as players report it but shows up PA failed RBF coding… if exited lag has nothing to do with it (And I remember this happening before exitlag)



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