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UTC 20 : 24 Dec 8, 2022
CET 21 : 24 Dec 8, 2022
PST 12 : 24 Dec 8, 2022
EST 15 : 24 Dec 8, 2022
Bi yearly RBF request (match wins)
Sep 26, 2022, 23:51 (UTC)
70 1
Last Edit : Sep 26, 2022, 23:51 (UTC)
# 1

Have a counter that shows matches you have won , your team as won… e.g it’s a team game, when your team wins, that is counted on a score sheet. I not rocket-surgery.

Simple things, mean a lot so some player (in b4, ‘no one cares’ … no mate, you don’t care, but other do)

I understand this will show up some players who have nice high kills and will have no match wins, cus they are just fragging out, but do you really think they will be upset? Nah. So it’s okay, let use support units have a record of our achievements too.

You added support class and never updated RBF to support its position, tut tut :P


TY muchy thanks in advance love bdo PA are the best,

 I will start by down voting my own post, then the pvers can, then the.. well you know how is works



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