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UTC 20 : 35 Nov 26, 2022
CET 21 : 35 Nov 26, 2022
PST 12 : 35 Nov 26, 2022
EST 15 : 35 Nov 26, 2022
BUG: Afuaru likes to spawn outside of Marni's (realm) combat zone
Sep 30, 2022, 02:12 (UTC)
111 4
Last Edit : Sep 30, 2022, 02:12 (UTC)
# 1

Seems to happen a lot actaully, when you're playing in a private server, Afuaru likes to spawn in the dark, inaccessible areas of the map. Please make it so he and other specials doesn't spawn outisde of the accessible area.

Last Edit : Sep 30, 2022, 14:21 (UTC)
# 2

Also spawn near private area border and then escape outside private area.

Same problem witch Poacher and his box.

Last Edit : Sep 30, 2022, 16:51 (UTC)
# 3

Agreed, poachers are the worst culprit. At least afuaru there's a chance that he might run inside and you can guide him to move further in. Poachers won't ever move and when you have 250%+ item drop rate it hurts.

Last Edit : Sep 30, 2022, 17:41 (UTC)
# 4

I can only give you one advice I use: save 100% rage skill and kill Afuaru with one hit.

Even if it is just outside private zone, pets will be able to pick up drop.



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