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Shai's Current State
Oct 18, 2022, 10:01 (UTC)
866 4
Last Edit : Oct 18, 2022, 10:06 (UTC)
# 1

Like to start off with Hello, I am PoiButler or as many on NA and discords know me as Poi. A Shai main when she first came out with the Name of YuudachiPoiPoi. Alot has happened since June 26th, 2019 when she was brought into Black Desert. A lot of comments from her being only a life skiller where Musa's in spots was and still better then shai at making money, snake blood and meat being one of them. To her PVP Damage being non existing before they relased it during 2021 december or sometime that year. (Sorry cant truely remember) After Ninja being a carried class aganist shai with her damage doing nothing to them they finally changed it to like Kuno. A lot has changed, all classes got succession but shai and archer. Archer being the only class that has its awaken at level one and Shai with her having the only non taggable non salable item, Artina Sol. Things changed here and there adding new skills to shai such as her Skill Enhancments that only Tumble Wumble made her able to do Pit of the Undying. As if this skill is not taken one of the bosses can't be killed. 

Might be wondering shai had all these things. Life skill skills in our kit that gives ups EXP at Alchemy and Gathering cool that saves about 20 or so hours to get guru. But shai has the Combat EXP from Gathering and Alchemy. If someone wants to grind to 66 with that low exp gain be my guest. Oh what about the skill Light bag with more carry weight? Cool we don't need to really put pearls into weight. (I still did and now have 3k weight on my shai.) Things you can be wondering why this post your just a Vtuber that disappeared came back and has barely anyone watch him. I left because of comments on deaf ears and hope this can change how PA see shai even for NA at least because it is not the same for all severs.

As a shai main who does not follow the meta, I am AP and use offin who goes and PVPs people and has done a bit of AoS (Arena of Solare.) All that NA at low levels of AoS or even open world shai's are bulled or told to reroll or tag a different class. Witches had this issue awhile ago when shai was out everyone telling them to just reroll wizard it is the same class but better. Every class get some hate or shit post unlike shai. I build my shai for PVP, AP shai as I have killed many people on arsha, open world, RBF, even nod wars. As the players we are put down from most of the comunity ingeneral in NA. EU some people have said they are treated better, Sea and other severs I am unsure. 

Where does the issues start? First all class but shai has a blackstar and a God-Ayed Version of their awaken. That is not counting that shai can't use Caphras on her Sol to make it better. What else does the shai lost in PVE and PVP for having a Sol? First she only gains the 3% Crit Damage that all dandes have at pen and that is it. She does not gain the 12 all Species damage so that is already 12 damage that the shai cant have not counting the dande upgrades of Caphras. Next the for simple sack the God-Ayed version of the awaken weapon 10 All Species Damage and 25 AP Against Monsters and 10 sheet AP. Shai gets none of that however PA says to Nerf Misty haze because Shai to good in PVE. Could of changed it to a flat number in PVE like they did most of her skills that were percent base in PVE but 3 minute cooldown. For a PVE issue not PVP funny enough. I rarely use Misty haze in PVP and can kill all but striker and Mystics fine. Nerfing an ability base on PVE is mostly spaghetti brained because now the comunity starts talking down to these players. People I knew that play shai bullied to leave guilds and the class because of nerfs that make no scene or the idea of Shai is a life skill class. 

A lot can be said and there is a lot to say, the Donkuanatt was a great shai only thing for people who stayed true to their mount when they could ride horses and wagons when the shai was not post to. It was fun a lot of people enjoyed it, however, taking it away then adding away to life skill to get it made people leave the class, leave the game for some even though that was not a lot of people, even flak against PA itself. My first stream titles where dream donkey when because i enjoyed the idea of using the donky's then horses. Then It happen the Donkuanatt was let to severs and then removed because it was just an "Event" what else came as an "Event" to PA and they took away for a bit? The

Fwuzzy Alpaca, was an event for shai having a new temp mount that was going to end... Till PA made it a permant thing. It was just a Unquie mount slower then the shai donkey and nothing how useful the Donkuanatt was. Why was this not just a throw away thing but the Donkuanatt was a joke? Could even been a joke becasue I streamed with that title for almost a year? Who knows only PA develpors for shai know and they don't know how to make shai a class for bdo. That was also admited by there team shai is in a unkown state.

What can change? The fun ideas of Succ Shai of having no Party abilites but can Solo grind well and hold her spot in a 1v1 (Meaning more PVP damage to some classes) Sure cool! Having the Sol Actually have the other benfits of the other awaken weapons like the extra damage to things. That would be great! Even returning Misty Haze to its normal cooldown and just do flat numbers in PVE. Even more scary thought GIve shai t3 addons. That is right Shai can only use T 2 addons at most. Having acess to t 3 add on's can even change how her PVP works where damage don't need a change just learn shai AP PVP more. Want her to be more DP Support giver he passive to Evasion or DR or Both, and make her a support. Want her a life skiller only? Make her have passives like the hedgehog that stacks from gathering, she gathers, cooks, Brew Potions Faster. Mastery sincce that has been out. Trading and Sailing? She can give the Boat or the Wagon she is on more Carryweight. There is a lot that can be done but just going yeah we are going to do this to shai because funny meme from the develpores of the class is wrong. Also just make people depressed or not trusting in the developers. 

People are not Kind to us who play shai. We get called a lot of things from pedo to being actively harassed by them and PA does nothing about it. To just stright bullied telling us to kill ourselves because we play this class. The time I took off away from BDO I was in dark times in my head and if I kept playing with the comunity acting the way they did PA GMs not doing anything about it. I was almost not here today to type any of this. (There is IRL issues but Issues stack) Even if this does not seen by the devs of the Class Shai but other people can but can at least stop one case of harassment in any sever for shai's at least I did well. 

Hope this helps and let other shais across the many severs speak out on this fourm express changes and share stories of the bad things we have to go through as a class where the rest is just fun banter. Feel free to Whisper me on NA severs if you want an ear or find me in the BDO Discords, Even when I stream at least I will try to help you through your day.

Be safe out there everyone and have a great day. Good luck when your playing BDO for that next Gear or Item gain. For IRL Conquistiamo Domani.

Conquer Your Tomorrow.


Last Edit : Oct 19, 2022, 00:19 (UTC)
# 2

You're addressing a company whose devs literally laughed when presenting our new rabam skill... That should tell you a lot about how much they give a shit about our class.

Let's face it, Shai will always be ridiculed until it's time to run Oluns or Crypt or some other spot where the buffs make life so much easier. We are a leech class that is only wanted when it benefits others and the very few spots we're good at solo are boring af.

And then you have the people saying our buffs are overpowered, which yeah, they have to be or we literally wouldn't be able to grind. The buffs super charge party members, but only just bring our ability to deal damage and survive up to the level of a normal class without buffs. Not to mention that the normal classes don't have to stop their grind every 60 seconds to re-buff in order to be efficient. Make our buffs last 60 minutes on self cast and 60 seconds on party members, there's absolutely no need for us to be refreshing our buffs every 60 seconds when we're solo.

Last Edit : Oct 19, 2022, 16:17 (UTC)
# 3
On: Oct 19, 2022, 00:19 (UTC), Written by Toriia

You're addressing a company whose devs literally laughed when presenting our new rabam skill... That should tell you a lot about how much they give a shit about our class.



I honestly felt offended when they were laughing. Suddenly the $800(ish) spent on this game in 2yrs felt like a waste. This is the only game I ever spent money outside of subs for. Yeaaah, not doing that again. They violated my trust =/

Last Edit : Oct 19, 2022, 23:52 (UTC)
# 4

I like to nore I didn't really belive the devs laughed at it. but looking into it on stream actually hurts. Found the source of why the shai communty is harassed because people like the devs even putting us down, On top of nerfing shai for no reason. The whole oh we are going to make fun and laugh at a group of our players till they feel bad is sad for a company and a very bad look at this rate. 

The "PvE" Nerf they did to Misty Haze actually buffed every class against us that is evasion due to when someone is full c20 evasion build we only have 30 seconds to kill them. Even with a tream of people and once it is up they are unkillable again and the shai can't debuff them so they dance around us laughing.

If a GM sees this or a CM Actually talk to them because this is more proof why Harassment of shais is a huge thing in a lot of different severs. Devs that are spegetti brained to the shai class and ecourge harassment of it.


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