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Outfit Rentals
Oct 22, 2022, 13:05 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Oct 22, 2022, 16:10 (UTC)
# 1

Who Am I? HouseOfAlicia
And this is for the NA/EU region <3

Hello, I wanted to ask for Outfit Rentals in Black Desert online to be considered.
This can be along the lines of being able to rent, or view an outfit directly on characters within safe zones or a characters house for 30 minutes or so- and being able to color it/see it on our characters.
 The Why: I notice many adventurers want some new outfits for their characters, but we cannot see what our characters look like when we color the outfit till we buy it, and then that holds adventurers back from purchasing an outfit, as once we buy it, and try it. If we don't like it, then we wasted our money, so this is gating issue preventing people from buying outfits for their characters.
The Cons: This will require a new system implemented, maybe in the pearl shop next to existing outfit as it's on sale duration or whatever, it can have a rent item, the rental can be put on whatever system code the temporary outfits are on, like splat clothing, and the box from completing valencia.
The Pro: Should encourage more purchasing of outfits from players as they can then be able to decide if they actually want an outfit instead of just looking at them as they come up every maint and having uh "it looks bad" attitude and not buying them cause of course, can't color anything in the pearl shop, and can't really see it on our characters as the 2D view is.. Lacking. Thanks for reading and considering! Have a great day! - Alicia

Last Edit : Oct 22, 2022, 13:13 (UTC)
# 2

Agreed 100%. 

Last Edit : Oct 22, 2022, 13:15 (UTC)
# 3

Yea the pearl shop view is not the best to see how the outfit looks in the actual game world; having this sort of stuff will be really helpfull

Last Edit : Oct 22, 2022, 15:07 (UTC)
# 4

Very good idea, i hope this will be a thing in the future! Thumbs up! :)



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