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UTC 8 : 46 Mar 21, 2023
CET 9 : 46 Mar 21, 2023
PDT 1 : 46 Mar 21, 2023
EDT 4 : 46 Mar 21, 2023
Berserker BEAST MODE visual fx
Oct 26, 2022, 22:24 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Oct 26, 2022, 22:34 (UTC)
# 1

Now is the time. Zerk looks very old in beast form. Because this beast form wears Bethel costume which means "oldest outfit" of zerk and it cannot be painted or change in any way. There has to be a way to change this. For example, being able to change beast form (at least dye certain parts of it) after the questline is done would be awesome. The long-ago change has greatly improved succ zerk in terms of beast mode. So, you can make PvP or PvE content 24/7 without leaving beast form. This means that more than 90% of the time we spend with the Berserker, we see the beast form. Unless we change this form, the costumes we buy (all cosmetic items) don't matter&value. It would be great if at least a design & visual update is brought in this regard by PA. Thanks!

Last Edit : Oct 26, 2022, 23:20 (UTC)
# 2
Must have different looks in beast form in outfits.
Last Edit : Dec 4, 2022, 05:53 (UTC)
# 3

I agree, this is a little off putting especially because it just doesn't look as good as the new outfits/stuff they've made. I personally would rather it just adopt whatever outfit you're wearing and if there is skin showing just have the skin of the form there. Either that or if possible make it unique to the outfit but I think that might be waaaaaay too much work.

Last Edit : Dec 5, 2022, 22:56 (UTC)
# 4

Just give a shredded outfit you were and we are good 100 zerkers in beast form everyone the same face, good thing you see the names :P

Lv Private
Last Edit : Dec 10, 2022, 18:22 (UTC)
# 5

Just give beast form 2 passives like Z buff. Lock the beast mode one and keep your normal armor or let it default to beast mode on. No one wants to buy a new costume so they have to stare at sasquatches hairy ass everytime they do a skill.

Last Edit : Feb 3, 2023, 01:54 (UTC)
# 6

IVE been pleading my case to the community ever since the damn reboot!!! This doesnt make any sense!!!! THIS is the ONLY class where your character customization is just thrown into the void and means nothing!!! This is not a difficult fix!!! Stop being stubborn and accept the fact that you made a mistake!! Nobody asked for a Visual Reboot, we asked for BALANCE!! And you give us a DOG!!! FIX IT!!!!

Last Edit : Feb 25, 2023, 14:16 (UTC)
# 7

Definitly agree lets us see our outfits in beast form

Last Edit : Mar 2, 2023, 19:27 (UTC)
# 8
That would be so cool having your outfit getting ragged/ripped on beast mode, like hulk or a beast aura effect
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Lv Private
Last Edit : Mar 5, 2023, 09:26 (UTC)
# 9

No. If you are going to be one of the most priveledged classes and excell in almost all forms of content. the least you can do is look like a hobo fighting off the police on bath salts.

Last Edit : Mar 7, 2023, 06:13 (UTC)
# 10


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