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UTC 17 : 16 Jun 6, 2023
CEST 19 : 16 Jun 6, 2023
PDT 10 : 16 Jun 6, 2023
EDT 13 : 16 Jun 6, 2023
Atoraxxion: Sycrakea - Solo mode bug?
Nov 22, 2022, 07:06 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Nov 22, 2022, 09:42 (UTC)
# 1

I didn't see this in the "known issues" list, but there does seem to be a number of new Atoraxxion bugs, maybe this is a new one, or maybe someone can help:

- Got as far as "The Roar of the Waves" quest, finished the Apocros battle, but somehow got booted out to the Ancient Stone Chamber right after.
   Edit: I had clicked on the boss notification in the lower left to close it.  I don't know if I had hit the close button or the message box, but was immediately trasnsported out of the dungeon.

- Went back in to the Sycrakea solo mode and used the Sol Magia to move back to Syca's Glare, created the Corrupt Yolun Dagger, and inserted it in the Syca's Glare Sol Magia.

- That opened Syca's Garden. Crossed through and inserted the dagger into the Garden Sol Magia.  This did not complete the quest.

- Looked at the quest description, saw "Check the records stored in Syca's Glare, Sol Magia", so I tried to go back to it from the Garden- and of course, the gateway is blocked.

- There was no direct way back to exit the dungeon and reenter to go back to Glare, so swapped servers.  That ended up at the Ancient Stone Chamber.

- Reentered Sycrakea solo mode, walked all the way back to Glare - almost.  The gateway to that area is blocked.  Sol Magia choices are only to return to the beginning, or to go to the Garden.

   Edit: Considered maybe recreating the key to that area, but it wouldn't do any good anyway - all the devices (threads, sol magia) are gone up to that point now, except the one at the entrance, so can't summon bosses for key parts. However, the Glare Sol Magia is still there.

- With no access to Syca's Glare, I went ahead and completed the rest of the dungeon and the final boss, but of course cannot complete any more quests in that line. Not sure if finshing Sycrakea solo mode opens Yolunakea, but that quest line is also inaccessible.

And I think I'm missing a couple of things in there.  I exited to regular servers twice to try getting back to Glare, no luck.

Seems like that's it for quest progress, not sure what went wrong.  I can't see a way to recover.  Did I miss a "known issues" note?

And to think that this first time around I actually listened through the entire story up to that point. Yaz/Lafi/Martha sure do talk slow :)

edit: season character.

Last Edit : Nov 25, 2022, 04:19 (UTC)
# 2

To answer myself, I had to go back and re-do things from the beginning to reactivate and solve all the puzzles, and to collect materials for the various key objects again.  Had to go back several times since doing it out of order will lock earlier parts out.

It would be faster to solve this if you get extra materials the first time through, just in case.

Doesn't make sense to get locked away from a quest completion target in the first place though.  I'll leave the ticket I created open to see what they say about it.

This post was hidden by a staff due to the reports it has received.
Last Edit : Dec 28, 2022, 18:22 (UTC)
# 4

Hi, the same happened to me - stucked at "The roar of the Waves" after i progressed further to the dungeon. Both gates are locked and I cant open them. I will definitelly not do the dungeon again, because its too anoying. I hope they will adjust it, until then I will just wait without the questline finished.

Last Edit : Jan 18, 2023, 13:40 (UTC)
# 5


The same thing happened to me, just the pure annoyance of the time wasted figuring out this miss designed quest...

I hope they fix this soon, especially since multiple people are having the same issue.

Last Edit : Jan 26, 2023, 08:08 (UTC)
# 6

Managed not to get stuck a couple of other times through, but got hung up again this time, and had to reconstruct various key pieces. The pain in the a$$ one is getting back through Syca's Throat.  (Maegu can't quite teleport through it :) ) The thread that needs clearing for that doesn't show up until the right key piece is in posession again.  And after that need to defeat Apocros again. 

Note to self: don't leave Syca's Glare  / don't go to Syca's Garden until after "checking the records stored" in Syca's Glare Sol Magia.

The game should not open a path out of there or do a teleport to Garden until that is completed.  Boss Berurah has a "you already did this" selection to clear the gate when re-entering the dungeon, but the other bosses (Serpen, Apocros) do not. The pathing is confused when trying to re-find the devices and puzzles, and a lot of the devices and puzzles are just plain missing after completion of various stages.

Vahmalkea and Yolunakea do not have these issues.

Last Edit : Mar 19, 2023, 06:43 (UTC)
# 7

Hello, I was having this same Issue, you just need to re-create the '[ADV] Syca's Contorted Tentacle' to be able to enter Syca's Glare


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