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Black Desert VR Mode
Nov 27, 2022, 17:22 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Nov 27, 2022, 17:22 (UTC)
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Title: Black Desert VR Mode
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Region (NA/EU): EU


Hello there,
Recently I have been exploring deep VR topic, I bought couple of headsets and the overall experience is amazing.

I was looking for a way to play Black Desert in VR mode, but unfortunately there is no support for VR, however there is a way to see Black Desert in VR,

The answer to this problem is, NVIDIA Ansel and 360 stereo screenshot, the results are truly breathtaking, you can clearly see that this game was meant for VR experience

The models and areas are not flat (the VR users will understand), It would be really awesome to see real support for VR mode, for just pure enjoyment purposes,

Last Edit : Nov 29, 2022, 22:07 (UTC)
# 2

I can see it being fun when not moving around but the issue as you might already know from experience is that you need stable framerates and without that, VR is nausiating. I'd like to see VR myself but maybe in crimson if that game can handle itself better. Going from 144fps to 74fps then back up to 98fps then 32fps then 144fps again is enough to make any VR veteran want to puke.

I know you can play FF14, ESO and GW2 in VR but it's not a great experience since it's only done thanks by mods and you come across obvious limits. VR is probably the future of MMORPGs but I don't think that PA would be able to successfully implement it in BDO. They would have to create a new UI system specifically for VR, they would have to stabalize the servers and client, they would have to change a lot in regards to the scale of the characters, how skills/spells work with the motion controls etc... And of course the fast-pace combat makes me shutter to imagine what that would be like LOL

I'll +1 this just because I also think it would be neat, though I they will probably never implement it. At least maybe they could consider it for crimson.



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