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Dec 10, 2022, 13:51 (UTC)
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Title: Evasion VS DR
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Region (NA/EU): NA


This is a topic that seriously needs discussed and fixed. Pearl Abyss needs to stop gaslighting the community on this, and actually fix this. 

Video: Final Verdict on DR vs Evasion - The truth about endgame builds - YouTube

It's clear that PA has decided to abuse evasion for the longest time, and it's getting to the point where its becoming way too overpowered. Now with the discussion of a "Fallen God" hand, and the nutty, crazy idea to give people EVEN MORE EVASION when its already broken as hell is mind boggling. It's at the point where DR doesn't even matter anymore. An evasion player can kill nearly anything but another evasion player. Add ontop of that the horrid amount of iframes placed on specific classes. It becomes a mess. 

Evasion already applies to the most classes, is most popularly used, and is the cheapest you can get to turn your class into something broken. Evasion is twice as cheap VS DR, and FOUR TIMES cheaper than accuracy.

It takes someone hundreds of billions to get the same amount of accuracy that someone could offset with tens of billions for evasion.

So, PA, it's time to stop. Atleast play within the community to find out the mistakes you are making.



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