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Dec 11, 2022, 02:21 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Dec 11, 2022, 14:35 (UTC)
# 11

Always as been.

Now ask for real Lifeskill benefit.

1.5 sec Gathering and -1 sec Alchemy Time when? We could also imagine an Alchemy stone enhancing rate boost based on the Shai character level.

That also could be a thing for Gathering Drop rate. Shai could get a higher real benefit by having a little 2% Gathering Drop rate for every level above 60.

The possibility is high. ;D

Last Edit : Dec 11, 2022, 14:56 (UTC)
# 12

Sadly if you're playing a life skill class that's only good as a group buff/healer in PvE/PvP combat I suggest you play a different class this one is not for you & let's be honest you just think she's a cute loli, which is why to wanted to play her in the first place.

Last Edit : Dec 11, 2022, 21:10 (UTC)
# 13

When I first started BDO one of the first class I tried was Shai. 

I liked the bard aspect, as I've played bard in other Mmo and table top games.. 

Played without much issues until the elvia serendia first was released. Then all of a sudden Shai felt super weak in most situations. 

It had to do with the meta changes I think but never the less at that point I had already invested significant time into making a Pen Artina Sol and DP secondary set of gear..  

After getting frustrated I rerolled and paid for pearl shop items all over again.. it felt like it was a trap, but I did anyways.

Still to this day I have a grudge against PA for how they handle Shai, but nothing we can do when they blatantly say they will change nothing.

While I am appreciative they said it flat out I am now more angry they took Soo long to flat out say no changes . It's been "reviewing" status for a long time.

But at this point I'm playing a new main and I'm sure there folks like le out there it's clear they don't care which is why I don't spend a dime on this game for a while. 

16 148
Lv 64
Last Edit : Dec 11, 2022, 23:12 (UTC)
# 14
On: Dec 11, 2022, 14:56 (UTC), Written by XplicitX

Sadly if you're playing a life skill class that's only good as a group buff/healer in PvE/PvP combat I suggest you play a different class this one is not for you & let's be honest you just think she's a cute loli, which is why to wanted to play her in the first place.

So you're basically supporting PA's delusional vision of Shai, that she should only be treated and played as a Roleplaying class. But if you ever want to grind Olun or Crypt or want to do the Dungeon on Elvia difficulty you're one of the persons desperately crying for a Shai to feed so many Buffs up your ass that your class (you reroll every 2 months because something else is broken now) is even more broken now.

But what happens when PA and players like you continue acting like Shai doesn't need combat buffs, what happens when PA still thinks Shai is too strong, because the only good midgame money spot she can grind is Swamp Naga for 500m/h, and decide to nerf her again.

I can tell you what happens then. Every single Shai player will either reroll, quit the game, quit grinding and do lifeskills instead. Maybe 5 or 10 Shais keep doing PvE content, but those ppl are probably gonna be on hardcap gear and have some secret techniques to somehow make money on Shai and don't share it with anyone because after that the next nerf is gonna put Shai into the absolutely unplayable category.

And then there are no Shai's in the game anymore. Maybe you then tag a Shai? Oh but wait, you can't tag your awakening weapon and have to enhance a Sol to PEN yourself now because anything below PEN is useless in group content. And wait you have no protections now. Oh wait you also don't have any CC. Oh wait you have to buy an 8b lighstone combo for Crit Chance so Shai can do 5% more damage and still be the lowest damage of the group. Oh wait you're wasting a tag Slot with a Shai that is only good for pressing 6 buffs and 2 debuffs in group content, but is absolutely useless for everything else in the game.

Sounds like an enjoyable experience for both Shai players and players that just like having a Shai in their group content.

And assuming players that come from all different types of MMOs pick a Support Bard Class  because she is a child, I just don't know what I'm supposed to say to that. Maybe you should go touch some grass and get a grip on reality again.

Last Edit : Dec 11, 2022, 23:13 (UTC)
# 15

She's been downgraded from "lifeskill class" to "enjoyment"??

I personally enjoy combat efficiency so stop nerfing my enjoyment.

If you didn't want her to pve/pvp/participate in the actual content of the game, why does she have AP/DP/gear/skills/exp?

You gave Shai music, then you gave every class the ability to remote summon their shai to play for them.

You gave Shai AoE buffs and debuffs, then you nerfed them and didn't compensate us properly.

We were finally competitive in end-game and we got nerfed as a direct result while better classes were not nerfed *after stating classes would not be nerfed going forward they would prioritize making the lower performance classes better.*
We ask for QOL to match every class in the game, you give us a dance emote that will only be unique until you finish them on the other classes. We've seen the NPCs at Terrmian Beach dancing, we know you've designed them.
We ask for Donkuanautt because we know it's coded, we got to use it, why are you still withholding it?

You add the ability to summon black spirit on horseback, and don't apply it to Shai's donkey.

Any time something unique is added to Shai, it comes at a cost to us.
And then every other class in the game gets it later and we get nothing.

You say Shai is "special".
We say Shai is oppressed.

Allow us to tag & sell Sol on CM.

Give us Blackstar Sol. (or add missing accuracy and monster damage to Artina Sol)

Give us Succession*     (please listen to community suggestions regarding this topic)

Give us Donkuanautt back (there can be a similar awakening process to T9s, they don't have to be free)
Give us skill add-ons for Talent.
Reduce the cooldown on Misty Haze.
Give us Tier 3 skill add-ons.

Give us a real passive like every single class in the game. (AP, DR, Acc, EVA, HP, etc. whatever you pick from the list other classes get)
Give us better heals than Witch/Wiz/Valkyrie.

*They get % based heals with shorter cooldowns which means they heal more than us more frequently than us. 

If we're the only "support" class, make us the best support.

*The entire design of Shai on BDO Mobile doesn't appear to follow what she is limited to on PC/Console???

Give us a better PVP% modifier so we can defend our spot without needing to significantly outgear our opponent.

Improve our movement and AoE size so we can more effectively grind low-end content & do gathering/hunting more efficiently.

Besides our unprotected hop -> hop -> hop -> hop -> run out of stamina and our unprotected long cooldown surf, we're too slow to get between packs while grinding or gathering/hunting, and too slow to keep up with our Node War group.

Let us use talent while riding donkey?

Give Donkey sideways skill.

Improve Donkey maximum speed/allow Riding Crop to increase Donkey stats like it does for horses.

Stop pretending we are not a real class.

Last Edit : Dec 12, 2022, 03:53 (UTC)
# 16
On: Dec 11, 2022, 14:05 (UTC), Written by Badkarmaa

Whether you like or not the truth need to be told its LIFESKILL CLASS 

If that is truely the case; then, going henceforth, all the other classes must and should be voided of ALL their Lifeskills.  Only then can anyone claim Shai a Lifeskill Class.

Last Edit : Dec 12, 2022, 07:46 (UTC)
# 17
On: Dec 11, 2022, 14:05 (UTC), Written by Badkarmaa

Whether you like or not the truth need to be told its LIFESKILL CLASS 

This is funny, because there are better classes for hunting/gathering than Shai.

Last Edit : Dec 12, 2022, 08:25 (UTC)
# 18

I feel Shai is in a comfy Spot in PvE right now. She grind good on most relevant Spots and the only thing I would like to change is to shorten the DC on the Florang Surf to make a for lack of other good mobility between spreed out packs of mobs, and maybe a Black Star Sol

In PvP she lacks a lot...and I dont mean dmg. A s-block, eva passive, possibility to use Cups on green rings and garmoth on green offhand. With the new heal I am ok with her heal state right now. Protection on starting animation of Florang Surf would be important for disengages and we need a DP focused Cron meal.

But that we still cant tag our Sol or Caphra it, is a disgrace for sure. Same that we cant have a awa Blackstar.

For lifeskills Shai lags a lot of things she would need. Better movement and faster big Aoe for gathering, shorter CD and stronger Vacuum, higher Crit like Striker for hunting, Passives for Faster cooking&Alchemy or a Mastery passive alltogether. She is not that good at gathering or hunting and not better in cooking of alchemy than any other class. The weight passive doesnt do much good tbh. Same for the XP Buffs from Cooking and Alchemy, that arent even noticable anymore after Lev 61. If you look at corsair and her buffs to sailing THOSE are actual something that is a bit more impactfull for Sea Lifeskills, but nobody calls her a Lifeskill Class.

Last Edit : Dec 17, 2022, 23:40 (UTC)
# 19

Idk why people keep trying to tell PA what shai is supposed to be when they literally told us before she got relaeased what she was supposed to be and since then what they want her to continue to be. She was is and always will be the support lifeskill class. That was always what she was marketed as never anything else. They told us that from the get go when she go released years ago. If you dont like that type of playstyle then play a different class. That is her class design that is the design philosophy they use to buff and nerf her. Shai is a great grinder shes one of the best grinders for end game spots. Not to mention her ability to buff a group of players while grinding and still reap the benefits of the grind. If you want to be a damage dealer then play one. You got 27 of them to choose from. You picked the one and only class in this game that was designed to not be a damage dealer and you complain about her not doing damage when theres quite literally 20 other options to choose from that do damage I dont get it. Nothing about any of your arguments makes sense when that is her intended role and she does a damn good job at it. She did it so good in fact that shes had to be nerfed a few different times for doing her job a little too good.

Last Edit : Dec 20, 2022, 15:09 (UTC)
# 20

It's strange that they make these claims about her, and then allow all other classes to do what she does or better.  All I can think of what she does that better than other classes is getting exp from gathering and alchemy, and the buffs she grants from her talent.  Otherwise, yeah, other classes are equal or better.  It is so easy to get to professional gathering and alchemy these days, so that's not so huge that she starts as a pro.

I like the idea of Shai succession.  One path makes her a fighter like the rest, the other, the super lifeskill guru, buff-machine that they want her to be.  Everyone is then happy.

My two cents.



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