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UTC 9 : 7 Jun 14, 2024
CEST 11 : 7 Jun 14, 2024
PDT 2 : 7 Jun 14, 2024
EDT 5 : 7 Jun 14, 2024
Voice of Adventurers, Europe 2022
Dec 15, 2022, 22:13 (UTC)
644 1
Last Edit : Dec 16, 2022, 01:24 (UTC)
# 1

Dear fellow adventurers, great and small. It has been an absolute pleasure meeting some of you at #VoAEurpe2022, one of the most exciting #BlackDesert events I have ever seen!

It was a dark and cold morning, when I left my home, stepped into my car and set off for a quick little 45 minute drive towards Castle De Haar, in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Since I live in The Netherlands myself, I did not have to take a plane, nor had to book a hotel because I could just drive back home and sleep in my own comfy bed.

We had a Discord server where all attendees were together and talked about their journeys. Some people came from close, like me. But some people came from far.

It was around 10am and I was the first adventurer to arrive. The GMs and CMs were still setting up the last activities while I stepped inside to warm up for a bit and talk with fellow Ambassadors I've known from previous events. Slowly more adventurers started to drip in and I met new friends who were all very nice. A Tameru, a Guardian and a Sorc. A little later my guild member who was also invited to the event showed up, and that was pretty much our main party for the entire day. We collected our personal bags full of very awesome merchendise and found the best and most genius content: A real life Adventure Log! How cool is that! This book was written full with little lore pieces, stories, and most of all: Challenges!
We had lunch in the Lunar Halo Inn, and quickly discovered the many challenges laying ahead of us. We quickly started to gather our resources and began our journey to complete the whole book.

Many activities there were to do, where do we begin? Trying to beat GM Velia in a game of Memory? Try our luck with Darkemyr rigging the Wheel of Fortune? Perhaps test our eyesight at the blinding Ballpit game with GM Erethea? Or beat CM Ronin in a 1v1? Many things to choose from, but I am destend to try it all!
Throughout the day we also got the chance to view the Castle from the inside, in a guideless tour throughout all the fancy rooms upstairs decorated in Victorian style furniture. We also got a glance at the giant main hall where we would later have a very fancy 3 course dinner. I felt like a prince myself!

I could continue on forever, but I have to wrap things up to keep under 500 words limit. All in all, I had tons of fun and I am very much looking forward to the next event!
Here is a picture of the Adventure Log, fully completed! And in the very end, there were only three adventurers who managed to complete the whole book, so I feel very fortunate and achieved! :3

Till next time! [491 words btw]

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