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Dec 16, 2022, 09:24 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Dec 16, 2022, 09:24 (UTC)
# 1

Succession Nova has done poorly ever since PA decided to rework all the old classes and nerf it at the same time.

We are punished for using our grab (one of the only classes that can be GRABBED WHILE GRABBING) because we have no protections during the entire animation IF WE ARE SUCCESSFUL. Our grab is combined with a movement ability when our movement is so limited already. We have to choose to use the protected move (if we dont grab something the protection only starts when the movement animation begins) OR grab. No other class has to make this kind of choice.

Right after the release of Nova, they released Corsair, the complete COUNTER TO THE CLASS. If a Succession Nova shield is 0, we can only stutter around and use about 10% of our kit. If a succession corsair uses a single combo on us (REGARDLES OF DMG) they negate our ability to participate in a fight. I have encountered full evasion succession corsairs that are able to eliminate my shield from full to 0 in 2 seconds and then watch ANYONE ELSE murder me because I'm unable to escape or even get my shield back due to the delayed regeneration. No other class matchup in the game has this kind of ability to completely CANCEL a class from being able to play. We don't even have the accuracy to counter such an evasion heavy class.

I hear all the time that "succession nova just sits in Q Block". I know people saying this have never actually played the class. Just because our shield is in front of us, only 3 abilities other than Block have frontal guard (FG). Those 3 abilities only have FG for a second. We mostly have super armor (SA) and that doesnt diminish ANY damage. At the same AP, we do not have the ability to SA trade any other class in the game. Our AP efficiency is too low due to low damage modifiers and low accuracy.

Most players also dont realize that using Axian skills costs HP. About 750 HP just for a combo of abilities. Even then, it is completely unreliable whether the pawns or Axian will attack the right target (in anything other than a 1v1 engagement) and their activation time is slow. Once Axian becomes enraged, you can't even stop him from repeatedly attacking randomly (such as in Battle Arena) even if you put your weapons away. There is little to no control over the summons.

Lastly, many make the arguement that "Succession Nova was one of the best classes in Arena of Solare". The main reason for this is not the RNG chance our pawns or Axian would get a successful CC, it is because our role is to soak damage for our team and take CCs that the team mates could move in and counter. At higher skill tiers, teams know how to work with this. It isnt because Succession Novas were out there 1v3-ing teams or topping the damage. It was their ability to distract and block damage from team mates and know their role. In small scale engagements like AoS, knowing this is critical to success. 

I know some might say, by this point, "why are you playing the class still then if you have this many complaints?"
My answer to that is that I -DO- love the role that succession nova has. I don't want the class to be "Over powered" but I do think that they need a decent amount of fixes to truly play that role more effectively. Since SA doesn't negate any damage and human damage bypasses DP, we really need more FG on our abilities to represent even the animations that have our shield in front. We need to be able to actually play even when our block is broken, so we need to have better movement that doesnt rely on block and also leave us completely defenseless.

The class needs work and I'm making this post in hopes that changes might be made (even though 6 months ago I made a post about succ nova grab protection that got ignored, and 3 months ago there was even a patch that stated "Succession Nova has the lowest PvE ability"). Please help others to be able to enjoy the class the way I know it should be possible to!

Last Edit : Dec 16, 2022, 14:21 (UTC)
# 2

Hello! I was previously a succession Nova main before Woosa came out and I have to say our experience differs.

I'll start off by saying that I do not recommend anyone  succession Nova unless they have the infinite hp pot, mainly because the hp management can be dificult. Succession Nova in my opinion is in a good place, it has it's strengths & it has it's weaknessess.

The class is meant to be played defensively but can also shine if you catch people off guard! You mention that a Corsair eats your block which I'm pretty sure that's what they are meant to do, a healthy counter. Also don't forget that when you are hard CC'd there is a high chance that your summons will stun the target giving you plenty of time to get up! While most people do love the way Nova looks it's not for everyone. If you're playing succession Nova like a flanker/dps instead of a setup/sustain/tank/high control front liner than unfortunately I don't think succ Nova is for you. On the brightside there is that playstyle for Nova in awakening if you are interested. Tons of burst, mobility, and damage.

Last Edit : Dec 16, 2022, 16:51 (UTC)
# 3

Hi Laickah,

Yes Corsair is meant to counter block and that is fine. What is not fine is how other block classes aren't as severely punished as Succ nova is when it comes to that. A fix would be Succ nova can actually still dash after block is broken. Right now if they dash, they come to a sudden stop and jolt backwards. So you are left to walk around and you can't really attack. I don't know about you but that is completely broken. 

So once again, counter block is ok. Not being able to do anything because your block is gone is not ok. Its broken. 

Last Edit : Dec 17, 2022, 22:58 (UTC)
# 4

For the grab perhaps change it off from a ranged grab with protection to a melee grab with protection. Or perhaps change it to a "leash" and pull multiple people to you, similar to a tank *^*,  without having it protected.

This was hidden by admin due to the reports it has received.
Last Edit : Apr 21, 2023, 09:24 (UTC)
# 6

Glad they fixed our block bug when it was at 0 but they introduced a new bug against us: the PVE iFrames.

We're already dead PA, why keep poking us with a stick?

Last Edit : Apr 27, 2023, 13:11 (UTC)
# 7
On: Apr 21, 2023, 09:24 (UTC), Written by Mino22

Glad they fixed our block bug when it was at 0 but they introduced a new bug against us: the PVE iFrames.

We're already dead PA, why keep poking us with a stick?

That was fixed as it was not working as intended, if you talking about command opening and icy prision cc.

Last Edit : Apr 28, 2023, 06:53 (UTC)
# 8
Today's Global labs were disppointing to says the least. They did improve succ nova... by an extremely small margine. Seriously, slight damage improvement on four skills?.. None of the real concerns were addressed. Half of her kit and abilities are still literally useless. HP drain is still there. Passives are still useless.
Last Edit : Apr 28, 2023, 17:36 (UTC)
# 9

At least your grab is SA+FG on fail but yeah I didn't even know her successful grab was unprotected. Guess that's the price of ranged CC that bypasses protections. Probably should have SA on success and just FG on fail for sure. Also don't do that. Your grab has movement attached to it on fail that you can use in situations where you should be getting punished for missing. Let's all be honest here.

Dont worry, warrior and Valk experience a very similar feeling towards succ corsair and I hate specific class counters like that in general. If a class's block is too strong just nerf the block don't add class-specific counters.

People say succ nova sits in block because most of her skills are sa+fg or pure SA and they really don't have to leave it unless there is a class counter or you're getting dogged on by multiple ranged classes. Most Novas also run grab res so trying to grab them is futile especially when pets are out.

Succ nova just really needs an iframe like infernal nemesis or awak drak's a/d+rmb. Also if they got rid of pet CCs I'd be down for these changes

Last Edit : Apr 29, 2023, 11:43 (UTC)
# 10

Succ nova sits in block often because that is how PA designed the class. A substantial portion of everything she does puts her in block automatically. It's not manual. 

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