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New Class Suggestion (Male Tamer)
Dec 16, 2022, 13:18 (UTC)
1775 3
Last Edit : Dec 16, 2022, 14:08 (UTC)
# 1

Greetings PA, 

       Guess ill start this by saying ive tried every class and they are all super fun and very challenging to master. Although nothing has been able to come close to the game play of tamer . (my opinion only) That said Im going to throw it out there and make a new class suggestion ... See what the community thinks of this idea and see if any ideas can be added to it. 

        What I'm thinking is a Male Tamer (class name would be entirley up to devs being as I am not good at names) that weilds short sword pre awk (of course) and nunchucks for his awake. The type of skills would there again rely on the devs to make, hince, im not great in that area either. I picture him as a very fast moving, powerful strikes with good countering ability kungfu master. A class with the ability to summon heilang of course but maybe some differences in color and skills. Would be fun to see a male class that would have a tamer reputaion to live up to. I think were all needing a new male class and, one that would be hard to top. A class like this I might reroll my beloved tamer for, But dont quote me on that.!

    Had to add this picture of the awake wep.

Last Edit : Jun 11, 2024, 16:01 (UTC)
# 2

If it's a male awakening Tamer they could make a Wu Kong type of character and easily make it really cool with an extendable combat staff

Last Edit : Jun 20, 2024, 20:47 (UTC)
# 3

The male tamer can be the wolf. This time he's the player's character and the female human is the pet! 


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