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UTC 19 : 36 Sep 26, 2023
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PDT 12 : 36 Sep 26, 2023
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Another #VoAEurope story
Dec 30, 2022, 03:06 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Dec 30, 2022, 03:06 (UTC)
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TD;DR in 500 characters:
Getting the invite was already amazing, but being at this event was even more amazing.

The quality of the event was so high, I have seen some events but this was on a whole other level.

As a 7 year long going Sorc, you have locked me into the game for another few with this event alone.

Wearing these goodies down until it falls of me!

I would like to thanks PA, all the CM’s, Gm’s, the ambassadors for the amazing event. Making new friends and swapping story’s during dinner was amazing!

Again thanks!


Long Version:

Just some background, I’m Miru, a 7+ year bdo player. 
In the earlier years I have dropped and picked up the game. 
But nothing beats the Black Desert Fashion, Graphics, Combat and Character customization. 

But the last few months? years? I have lost count. I went back to the game and stayed with it. 

Now when I saw that the VoA would be in the Netherlands there was no doubt in my mind to sign up. 
Who knows, Who knows.

I didn’t took long but after the post my Discord pings went crazy with people DM-ing me I was in. 
Unknown what it might be or how it was going to be, I was Hyped, like really hyped. 
I dropped a friends party and for some reason everybody understood that a BDO event for me had top priority!

Now getting to the event is pretty chill car ride (also pretty chill outside with these temps). 
But when walking into the place, the warm welcome would warm everybody's heart. 
Standing in the line, we already got into the story's and talk, we stayed as a small group and moved to the coffee room.
Here other Adventures came up cause in the goody bags are personal business card, and people got a mission.
"Got to catch them all". 

The room was so nicely decorated, all the fine details, small snacks that look like the black spirit, coasters that look like it, balloons that spell out Pearl Abyss, banners from the regions. Everything fitted perfectly. I have been to some events, but this was an whole other quality, like, waaaay higher quality than i normally see. 

After having some snacks, swapped some card, met some content creators off to the 1st announcement from our one and only Endlaive. 
There was a main quest line, complete the adventure log. 
There are some riddles, but google and some adventures are the solution to that!

But first all to the front of the castle for some pictures and drone shots! 
After being in the cold time to head back. 

Snapping some pictures for the first parts of the Journal!

Than time for a spin on the BDO wheel of fortune. 
PRI, again PRI, and to finish it off.... Pri again... 
My heart sank cause of the rewards.
Pri = Stamp, Duo = 1 class pin, tri = 2 class pins, tet = socks, pen = Plushie! 

Off to do some other stuff! 
Small hand ball pit, with a mask on trying to find some caphra and Crons! 
Now with some glasses getting clouded cause of switching from the outside to the inside. 
This game got put to hard-mode! 
Crons done! but the extra journal page for the caphra failed. 

Next, picture with the cosplayers! 
Amazing cosplay! Really cool to see, photo's don’t even do it justice in my opinion! 

Next polaroid picture, quick and easy! 

Next up! Riddle solving while snacking on some black spirit snacks. 
[CM] Obi was in the neighbourhood so time to ask for some hints! 
Also quick picture cause that is also another page of the journal! 

There is a 2nd attempt allowed for the wheel! 
Time to try it again. 

The person before me hits a TRI! but goes "PEN OR NOTHING!" and ends up with a tri. 
Ooooof, a true BDO player at heart! that is for sure! 
Now my attempt, TRI! I will take it! 
2 class pins! Sorc off course and my alt, DK! 

Dualing a GM, let’s do that, now I have seen some hardcore people, but my my, did people go all out for that dual! 
Due to the time, I had a dual with a fellow adventure, sadly lost.
But a 3th pin, Sorc, asked for the Maehwa one cause i already had the Sorc one, and got it! 
3 pins!!!

Now let’s claim some reward at the start. 
Beanie and t-shirt! heck yeah! 

Now time is running short, Quiz time! 
It was really fun, and unique way of doing a quiz.
Screenshot of an node and you had to pick out of 4 answer. 
Skill animation, do you know the name? 
Some audio samples of NPC's. 
Now did we had a lot of good answer, no? but did we shout when we had it right, Heck yeah!

After that dinner time with new people!
Thanks for everybody at my table, I had a blast swapping out story’s talking about our days in BDO.
Some incredible music before the amazing food, Bartali's Chicken Salad followed by Norma's leight's Rustic Steak and finished with Berhie's Sweet Desert Dessert. 
After some dinner, more rewards! Loads of goodies that you have seen all over reddit, forums and twitter!
Snagged another goodie! Tamer mousepad! 

And to finish it up, a backpack for everybody with an unique lithograph painting, headset, more pins, socks, and I’m probably missing something. To many goodies to hold onto! It dint even fit all inside the new goodie bag on the end of the day!

Back into the cold, back to the car. While driving back, there was one thing. I’m already missing everything.

All in all I just want to spend my last words to say.
Thank you for the event and the invite, you have gained and will have a player for years.
It was a place where I truly felt at home with people that are like minded and in love with the same game.
I will wearing your goodies until they fall of me.
I can’t wait for the next VoA, I hope I may join you guys again!

Until then, see you in-game!

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