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How to unlock the Hunter's "Trick Shots" and advance techniques...
Dec 31, 2022, 00:32 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Dec 31, 2022, 00:54 (UTC)
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With the arrival of the O'dylitta patch in 2020, advance hunting techniques were added.
You obtain them when the Hunter's Dream quest line in Narcion is complete.
Techinques learned:
Reload one round while rolling
Forward sliding double tap -Hold LMB when sprinting-
Quick stand and shoot        -Hold LMB when rolling backwards-
Quick crouch and shoot      -Hold LMB while rolling sideways-

The Hunter's Dream's quest line is available at Hunting Master 1.
The True Hunter quest line must be completed as a prerequisite. The True Hunter quest line starts in Velia from Igor Bartali.

The True Hunter quest line is as follows:

-Sweet Rest- Note:"Chuck Laurie the Hunter" quest from David Finto in Velia is required to be completed to start True Hunter. Available at lvl 30.
-Strange Rumor-
-Between Chance or Fate-
-Bloodthirsty Instinct-
-Let's Begin the Hunt-
-[Time Attack] Quick and Accurate-
-Wolf Tracks- Note: Climb up the mountain to follow tracks, do not use auto travel, climb to each clue when marker is updated.
-Breathtaking Chase-
-Do or Die-
-A Spectacular Finale-
-The Only Family-
-Cure for the Incurable- Note: Need a ship in Port Eupheria to travel off the coast to hunt the whale, raft or cheap ship is sufficient, it's a short distance.
-A Happy Ending-
-True Hunter-

When True Hunter is complete, and Master 1 Hunting is obtained. You can then grab New Legend from Verita standing near Pavino Greko in Port Eupheria.

The Hunter's Dream quest line is as follows:
-New Legend-
-Odd Connection-
-First Hunting, First Memory-
-Essence of Hunting- Note: Requires killing 3 Shadow Lions that can be deadly to newer and undergeared hunters, use roll to avoid roars. And pull one at a time.
-Hunter's Dream-

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading!

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