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UTC 11 : 9 Jun 4, 2023
CEST 13 : 9 Jun 4, 2023
PDT 4 : 9 Jun 4, 2023
EDT 7 : 9 Jun 4, 2023
Awakening wizard QoL/fixes
Jan 4, 2023, 14:21 (UTC)
154 1
Last Edit : Jan 7, 2023, 20:06 (UTC)
# 1

Title: Fix some very illogical things in awa wizard kit
Family Name: Whyso

Region (NA/EU): EU


Remove Airsmash from Flow: Aqua Bomb - it is actually crippling any awakening caster ranged potential.

Add Air Attack to Bolide of Destruction - BON Bolide doesnt apply special attacks to its own attack if it gets KD on target because KD first triggers short air state.
alternatively, make BON Bolide apply Bound with KD duration like Warriors Grave digging skill.

rework/fix chilling wave, atm its very weak skill, and its FG seems to be defective in both strenght and actual protection working properly. also, add more range to it.


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