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Debuffing in PVE monsters/mobs/ads
Jan 9, 2023, 00:21 (UTC)
159 1
Last Edit : Jan 9, 2023, 00:21 (UTC)
# 1

Title: QoL suggestion on debuffing monsters in PVE
Family Name: OdiumEstMeaCibus

Region (NA/EU): NA

Suggestion/Comments: Hello, I had an idea/suggestion that might help players debuff monsters, strictly PVE speaking. Which is to create a system where whichever monster you hit that is directly in front of you or point blank for clarity, will be debuffed as it already is now BUT... Instead the monsters behind the one you just so previously debuffed will also be debuffed. Of course to the maximum of 10 targets as every class skills seem to have. A shockwave so to speak or lightning chain skill that witch/wizards have; you hit 1 target and it chains to others.

You may be wondering. "Well wouldn't that just debuff every target in the grind zone?" 
No, ONLY the first initial targets (not the targets that get debuffed after as that will be game breaking) will cause that shockwave/chain reaction to up to a... I don't know a 2~4 meter radius? Nothing huge as most times people will either be hitting clumps of monsters in front of them anyways. And PA has already designed class skills to only hit up to 10 targets anyways so I don't see that as anything game breaking.

1. Some classes do not have reliable ways to debuff monsters (especially in front of them) due to a lack of AoE which 'can' be solved if the AoE is increased but I know that is hard to do while trying not to affect pvp and other aspects. So I think this will be a way to not have to change classes entirely. Just use 1 dp debuff skill with the pack in front of you, no matter the AoE, and that 10 targets in front of you (or around) should be debuffed.
2. Debuffing is very important if not a necessity when it comes to grinding in BDO. 
3. As the first point, some classes lack AoE and that means positioning is more important and even with proper positioning sometimes said class can't hit all the targets. 
4. Some classes have long cooldowns (debuff skills) so people should not have to worry about missing a monster that is 1 meter off.
1. Positioning might become less important which might make it a bit boring for some players. 
2. Of course due to the 10 maximum targets there will still be some mobs that will not be debuffed of course as it is now. 
3. Probably more complicated than it seems so this may be hard to implement.

All in all, I could've worded it better but I'm pretty bad at that. I think this would be a good step in the right direction to allow every class a privelege of less stress of having to position/need better AoE or even playing a 'better' class so to speak. 
It's an idea, I don't think it should be game breaking or making A or B class make quadruple more profit/silver from grinding. Pretty sure you can grind okayish without debuffing anyways. 
and for clarity. THIS IS ONLY FOR PVE. 

Also a debuff example is this...



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