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UTC 15 : 37 Jul 24, 2024
CEST 17 : 37 Jul 24, 2024
PDT 8 : 37 Jul 24, 2024
EDT 11 : 37 Jul 24, 2024
Awakening Warrior Lacking in Large Scale.
Jan 12, 2023, 14:21 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jan 16, 2023, 17:23 (UTC)
# 1

I'd like to post a quick clip in case any GM's are lurking but I did a T3 capped node war last night and i think my short clip showcases the inadequacies of the Warrior kit in large scale:

1. cc'd just for thinking about using reckless (my one and only KD) (sorceress Grim Reaper's Judgement is the exact same skill but has full SA)

2. cc'd out of charging thrust - this is a primary form of warrior movement and having only forward guard makes it inadequate/lacking in large scale scenarios


1. Grant an Awakening skill (similar to Drakania's W+F) that is full SA movement
2. Grant full SA on Reckless Blow OR extend the SA on the skill by 0.5-1 seconds
3. Rework the Slashing the Dead animation to be a jump and single downard slash (similar to BDO Mobile)
4. Grant FG on Heaven's Cleave
5. Grant FG on Ankle Break
6. swap the Core skill attributes of Pulverize and Solar Flare
7. speed up Merciless to the same speed as Overwhelm

Last Edit : Jan 12, 2023, 14:47 (UTC)
# 2

It is a design decision that all awakening classes don't have protected cc's in awakening (from the awakening skill tree). With that in mind, personally and as a fellow awakening warrior player, I also suffer from the problems that you describe. I fully endorse suggestion 1, and have some slightly different things in mind for 2-6:

2. Remove Frenzied Strikes bound, give it forward guard by default (this is a PvE only skill with no use in PvP), remove Frenzied Strikes core and add Flow: Reckless Blow core, giving it full SA from start to finish.

3. Slashing the dead should go over small obstacles in terrain and slightly uphill. Warrior has 0 vertical mobility and it's silly that we spin in the air and get stuck on a toe-high peeble.

4. Due to design choices that are, as far as I know, still relevant (the only exception to a protected CC in awakening is witch/wizard), this should come from a core skill, or at the cost of the skill's float. I'm not sure what core could be swapped out in its place.

5. Remove Flow: Ankle Break 's bound, add forward guard to it to go in tandem with Pulverize's forward guard, as the skill has 1s 100%crit buff ("Lingering crit") that is used to give Pulverize 100% crit. Absolutely agree.

6. I don't agree with Pulverize. I believe it should retain forward guard by default and knockdown as core.

As for Solar Flare, I agree. It should lose the stiff, gain super armor, and have the core give the skill a stiff. This would greatly help the class in all aspects of largescale and would allow for much higher customization core wise, as most players take Solar Flare so we can have 1 protected dash. It would also greatly help new players looking to get into Awakening Warrior.

I highly rate this post. I beg PA does too.

Last Edit : Jan 12, 2023, 15:39 (UTC)
# 3

Largescale as is, is just bad, no doubt. If you dont enjoy sittign in a flamer, it is absolutly unfun and outright frustrating and am suffering the same issues.
-Point 1 i also fully agree as pure unprotected movementskills and or FG movement skills, in the current state of the game, with everyone spamming huge aoe-CC´s or range cc´s is simply not working 

-Point 2 is needet too, it is a important mainskill to us and you spend time stationary in SA charging it just to get cc´d the milisec the charge is done as the SA ends right before even 1 tick of dmg goes off, making it a waste of time and killing you more often then not, same, if not more goes for it in PVE were you lose precious time getting cc´d in it, making our already not amazing pve performance worse.
And to sovle this, Ybers suggestion for point 2, giving it a Core for Full SA, replacing Frenzie Strikes core with it and granting FG to our PURE PVE skill Frenzied strikes, and you can even remove the CC from Frenzied Strikes as it is completly irrelevant in any way shape or form

- Point 3, i agree and think the same as Yber does

-Point 4, FG on it would be really great, but as Yber meantioned, no Protection and CC is wanted, so, maybe replace another Core, like merciless maybe if needet

-Point 5 is valid too as Yber already meantioned and would fit, removing the CC in exchange would be alright since it also is a CC noone ever activly wants to make use of
-Point 6 i think isnt a great idea as it is the way it is fine. Yber´s point for SA on Solar in exchange for losign the Stiff is and making its Core the Stiff sounds like a great idea and i can agree, tho it might make us too protected which was for many classes an issue years ago when Alotta Protections and CC´s got removed from skills across the whole Class roster (granted PA is heading back to the State of pre Classwide nerfs)

-As for Point 7, i have no opinion since i almost never make use of that skill outside of using it as Filler or Finisher in PVE

In its current state Warrior is just almost unusable and unfun, we lost our Spot in Largescale overtime thanks to powercreep and new classes beign more and more busted, and would like to have those issues finaly adressed since every class should be able to do " Endgame content" without suffering for it

Last Edit : Jan 12, 2023, 18:53 (UTC)
# 4

I've been saying all of this stuff for weeks now on Reddit and keep getting downvoted by idiots cause they think we don't need buffs lmao.

Mostly about Reckless Blow and Heavens Cleave.

It's so dumb that Reckless Blow, our strongest skill, is only HALF protected, and leaving the ATTACKING portion of the skill, you know the most important part, completely unprotected, yet Sorceress Awakening and Dark Knight Succession gets a fully protected charge skill???? Makes no sense.

As for Heavens Cleave, a nice QOL would be giving it "usable with longsword", that way we could put the skill on our hotbar and use it to quickly swap between longsword and greatsword mid combo without having to press C.

I'd also like it if Frenzied Strikes was usable within longsword too via the hotbar, I just realized I don't think Awakening has ANY skills that forcefully swap you from longsword to greatsword other than our dash, which is odd cause so many other classes have it and it helps the flow of the combat to be so much smoother because you don't have to constantly press C.

Last Edit : Jan 13, 2023, 07:09 (UTC)
# 5

Warrior in general is an old class which didn't got rework properly by Pearl Abyss durint the reboot session. Since 2018, the class went from good frontlaner with many protections and good CCs to duelist.

I remember the class in 2017 when I started to play it, awakening was the way and it was amazing. Bound on Grave Digging and Slashing the Dead, the Bound had the same duration has a Knockdown. We also had Lingering Super Armor after block, also a stronger block, good AP scaling, DR scaling and Accuracy.

Since that, the class lost many good aspect, and everytimes we got some funny gameplay, we got an instant nerf.
The reason is absolutly ridiculous, most of the player base of BDO doesn't know how to fight a Warrior because most of this base is playing breasts classes or meta classes. So they are not used to play against Warrior which is not played a lot, and most of the time they fight a Warrior, Succession or Awakening, they are crying, saying the class needs to be nerf. But the thing is, the class doesn't need to be nerf, you just need to learn how fight to against.

It has been a year now since the class got some buff, Succession got some last friday and still not enough. Awakening got nothing since last December.

Like my fellow brothers said, the class has serious issue about protected combo, protected mobility, AoE and block durability.

One of the main issue of Awakening is protected combo. Since the past few months and since reboot, Pearl Abyss gave to many classes many protected combo, Forward Guard and Super Armor. But since Warrior is a duelist for the company, it means the class doesn't protected combo. And that's not normal, currently in game some class got insane buff which is allowing them to combo with good amount of protections.
Warrior needs more protections on his skills, the issue is, if we get some protection, we need to lose some CC. And that's also another point, Warrior awakening has way too much CC we don't use or only during certain moments to flex.

For example, Ankle Break Knockdown is useless, Merciless has two CC : Float and Knockdown, Hilt Strike has a Stiff, Frienzed Strike has a Knockdown.
For me, most of them are useless. I would even add Balance Strike's Stiff.
Merciless is an interesting skill but a bit to slow, the animation needs to be rework in order to be faster or merge into one animation only and it'll maybe make the skill even more interesting. About protections, I would trade Ankle, Balance Strike, Hilt Strike and Frienzed Strike CCs for this :
Ankle Break : Super Armor
Balance Strike : Forward Guard
Hilt Strike : Forward Guard
Frienzed Strike : Forward Guard

And to be really fair, I think it's time to merge Balance Strike & Hilt Strike into one skill. They have no real utility beside using Balance Strike and to stiff in case of CC reset, and Hilt Strike in order to only 6% accuracy rate for only 5 seconds.
I think the actual animation of Balance Strike is nice and Hilt Strike should be add inside, and the accuracy buff rate should be put on it. The skill should be a Forward Guard with better damage.
And yes, better damage because actually Balance Strike & Hilt Strike has useless damage, 1230%x2 & 1300%x3, 0% accuracy rate, 0% critical hit, and -65.6% / -63.4% PVP damage reduction. 
Even after many years on the class I still trying to find their utiliy beside moving & getting an accuracy buff.
If they merge together, the skill should be like this :
10% accuracy
50% critical hit rate
+6% accuracy rate for 10 second
50% PVP damage reduction

Like I said, the skill should just keep Balance Strike animation, it's fast and we can use some skill after like Heaven's Cleave, or Reckless Blow and many more.

There are two other skills which are making most of us angry, Reckless Blow and Heaven's Cleave.
Reckless Blow needs to get the charge remove, and be a full Super Armor skill, with a knockdown and no more delayed CC + damage. Because yes, the skill is currently the most annoying skill ever. It's a main skill, which cannot be performed well.
So like I said :
-Remove the charge
- Full Super Armor
- Keep the Knockdown

Heaven's Cleave should get a Forward Guard while keeping the Float. Please, give us a protected Float.

Let's move to mobility.

Warrior in general has no real Super Armor movement skill. All the Super Armor movement are mostly combo skill which aren't supposed to be used to move. But since we don't have any other choice, we are using them like this. Our real mobility is composed by Head Chase, Charging Thrust, Shield Charge, and Solar Flare.

The thing is, Head Chase has an Iframe which barely works, when the skill is in cooldown, there is no protection and we cannot block directly after the skill to be in block.

Charging Thrust is an amazing skill but it's a Foward Guard, with a bad hitbox which makes in annoying in mass PVP because we cannot escape safely due to two problem :

- We are getting CCed in the back
-The hitbox is making us stuck in other players, allies and enemies.
The skill should be rework like this :

- Super Armor

- Shorther hitbox or no more collision
-Removing the F input at the end of the skill, it's useless
This would help a lot in order to escape from a fight. 

I don't shield Shield Charge should change.

About Solar Flare, I think the skill should be full Super Armor while keeping the stiff. Having a Super Armor stiff in game is quite common now and I think Warrior Awakening should have one. The only thing I have to complain is the fact the skill is very clunky to use without Q cancel, it would be nice to make it smoother to use before and after any skills.

Let's move to the AoE part.
During the reboot, Pearl Abyss buffed the AoE of Grave Digging, Ankle Break, Pulverize and Tempest. They also buff the range of some skill but they weren't AoE.

The issue is simple, we have four AoE skills in awakening, and in honest opinion there is a lack and mostly a lack of damage on those skills.
Having five AoE can be good enough, but having a lack of damage on them ? No, that's not good.

Grave Digging and his flow Slashing the Dead need to get better damage.
It's currently like this :
With -50.5% PVP damage reduction.

It should be change to this :
With -45% PVP damage reduction

Ankle Break should be only animation or make the actual one faster.
It's currently like this :
1147%x5, max 2 hits
With -64.9% PVP damage reduction

It should be change to this :
1300%x5 max 2 hits
With -53% PVP damage reduction

Pulverize and Tempest should be change in two ways : one HUGE AoE or making them faster to use. It would be nice to allow us to use Tempest without having to use Pulverize on Reckless before.

Their damage are currently good, but they need to have 100% critical hit rate in PVP. They also need a better linkage with the rest of our skills in order to create more combo.

To finish, the block needs to the same as pre awakening, the awakening one is way too weak.
I think that's it, my post is already quite long to read.

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Last Edit : Jan 13, 2023, 08:48 (UTC)
# 6


To clarify: bounds are NOT knockdowns. Flow: Ankle break is a bound, Merciless 2nd hit is a bound, Frenzied Strikes is a bound. The bound on Gravedigging core is a regular bound.This type of CC is completely different from a knockdown, and inferior to it in every way.

Awakening classes can't have protected CCs in awakening skills. The only exception to this is Witch/Wizard. All other protected CC's come from pre awakening or succession classes.

The main problem with Charging Thrust isn't being CC'd from the back, this is normal for all forward guard skills. The problem is being hitstunned out of it, meaning skills without CC can stop the movement/knock you out of the skill as if they did.

The Head Chase iframe works while it's active, which is for around 75% of the skill's duration with no slows applied. It is inactive during the start of the dash and at the end of it. While I agree this needs to change, you should explain why.

I agree with merging Balance Strike and Flow: Hilt Strike, but this is not something that would improve our largescale.

Last Edit : Jan 13, 2023, 10:42 (UTC)
# 7

Adding my own opinion;

- Being able to dash during Reckless to reposition is pointless if the skill isn't protected, treat it the same as GRJ for Sorcs with either full SA or some kind of hybrid SA > dash > FG.

- Heavens Cleave should either be usable from pre-awa via hot bar or have protection (preferably SA) via a core skill upgrade, in place of the frontal core for Frenzied since it's become too much of a permanent pick for PvE

- Merciless needs work, the second part of the animation is essentially redundant in damage and "cc" since it's slow and a bound, it's common to speed up the float but it's a lackluster skill otherwise.

- Years old problem with being CC'd at the start or end of Slashing the Dead, not much to add here.

- For large scale we require some form of medium to long range SA mobility, be it the FG on Charging Thrust to be changed or perhaps changing Shield Charge from a frontal to a long range shield "slam" type ability but with no CC to balance it. I'd even argue adding SA to Frenzied Dash would be a good fit.

- Whilst on the subject, Frenzied Dash is nice when used after Charging Thrust but I wouldn't be against being able to use it from Awakening via hotbar, it if was to have SA added to it I think it would make a nice combo for Large Scale by being used directly after Slashing the Dead. The combo being Slashing > Frenzied > Charging Thrust

Last Edit : Jan 13, 2023, 10:54 (UTC)
# 8
On: Jan 12, 2023, 14:21 (UTC), Written by Ricktrr

1. Grant an Awakening skill (similar to Drakania's W+F) that is full SA movement

That skill of drakania is unprotected tho. It's not even a core skill so you can't add SA to it either:

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Last Edit : Jan 13, 2023, 12:06 (UTC)
# 9
On: Jan 13, 2023, 10:54 (UTC), Written by AZzalor

That skill of drakania is unprotected tho. It's not even a core skill so you can't add SA to it either:

It's not indeed, he was refering to this one, and mistyped the inputs :

Would also add to the original post to disable the second part of the skill :

Indeed by keep holding S+F, you do another hit, which is fully unprotected. The problem is if you are getting hit while doing a single input of the skill, your animation gets speed up, and you end up doing the second hit, which has no value in any given circumstances, pvp or pve.
In order to fix this, it would be nice to just disable the mechanic of "Hold S+F to continue the skill".

Lv Private
Last Edit : Jan 13, 2023, 15:13 (UTC)
# 10

Thank you for the additional feedback, my Warrior brethren! 

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