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UTC 17 : 12 Mar 25, 2023
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#Gameplay_General #Rookie
Major confusion about Fughar's Timepiece and need explaining
Jan 27, 2023, 01:45 (UTC)
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Last Edit : Jan 27, 2023, 01:45 (UTC)
# 1

With the event this week providing us a second Fughar's Timepiece for seasonal characters it has got me wanting to know more about using one.  The whole Maegu event providing (another) Fughar's Timepiece I'm intrigued on how this thing works.  The Adventure's Guide for the Seasonal Characters answers most questions by providing a lot of information but it brings up a lot more questions as its not exactly clear on certain things.  I've looked at guides online from other sites (grumpygreen, blackdesertfoundry, and some reddit posts) and information seems to be similar to the Adventure's Guide from PA with a few things added/expanded upon/opinions given on.  So I'm turning here in hopes of getting some clarification made.  Since its easier for me to understand how things will go down, I'm throwing it out there of the characters I'm working with in this sceario.  My plan was to level the seasonal character and when the season's over he'll be a regular character.  I had no idea about this whole early graduation or Fughar's Timepiece until after I had been playing for a little bit.

Current Seasonal Character Info:  lvl 58 Archer with 18-25 fitness levels, professional 8 gathering, skilled 1 fishing, professional 3 cooking, professional 10 alchemy (98.2% of it), professional 7 processing, professional 2 training, professional 4 farming, almost 2000 LT unbuffed, 832 skill points (most from grinding with skill exp buffs), and 141 inventory slots (mostly from pearl purchases)

First under 25 non-seasonal Alt lvl 18 DK, 25-27 fitness levels, master 1 processing, artisan 3 cooking, and around 2000 LT before buffs purchased with pearls

Second under 25 non-seasonal Alt:  lvl 20 witch, 15-19 fitness levels, skilled 9 fishing, professional 8 alchemy, artisan 9 processing, 520 LT (some pearl bought), 57 inventory slots (some pearl bought)

I understand the process of HOW to convert a seasonal character via Fughar's Timepiece (unequip all gear, throw it in storage, switch to a normal server to use the timepiece, use the weapon exchange coupons to get weapons he can use, etc etc etc).  I understand that the character I select to get the combat & skill exp added to them from the seasonal character has to be 25 or under (or under 25 but because I'm not sure if the limit includes characters that are 25 I'm making sure nobody is higher than 24) which will boost them up to the same level as the now-previous seasonal character and award them with combat exp & skill exp equal to what the non-previous seasonal character earned outside of quests (and possibly season pass & achievement milestones but I'm ok with those not being included).  I understand that the former "under 25" character who is now equal in level to the now-previous seasonal character will be a seasonal character who can access the seasonal servers and partake in the seasonal stuff.  I understand that any unclaimed seasonal pass rewards will be forfeited once the change is done.  I understand from reading reddit threads that I need to reset skill points before doing the whole conversion thing because it can get mucky if you don't (not really an issue as its easy to do with Now onto the questions/uncertain things

1.  If I use the timepiece on the archer with any character (these questions pertain to the previously tagged seasonal character after the timepiece is used):

- a) will the new non-seasonal character that I used the Timepiece on remain an archer but simply be a "regular" character from there on out? (I ask because the various guides and BDO site talks about how you can pick a different class)

- b) if the new non-seasonal character is allowed to change to a different class, what happens to things like outfits which have the [Archer] tag on the?

- c) have all of his current skill point as he did as seasonal status (not talking about ones obtained via achievements and/or quests)?

- d) have all of his life skill levels as he did as a seasonal status?

- e) have all of his LT & inventory space as he did as a seasonal status?

- e2) if not, does that include LT & inventory space purchased with pearls?

- f) will I have to do all of his main story quests over again after the timepiece is used and he is no longer a seasonal character?

- g) will I be able to convert any of his gear (besides weapons) into gear he can actually wear?  He’s currently wearing full PEN Tuv gear in every slot.


2.  If I choose the DK to become the seasonal character when using Fughar’s Timepiece:

- a) will her various levels of life skills transfer with her to the new seasonal-status character she has became (see previous section for what her life skills currently are as a non-seasonal character)?

- b) will she have all of her LT & inventory slots that she had as a non-seasonal character?

- c) if not, what will happen to ones I purchased for her with pearls?

- d) will she pick up where she left off in the main story questing or will I have to start over with them?


3.  If I use the SECOND Fughar’s Timepiece that was given to us for the Maegu event on the DK to convert the witch:

- a) is that even possible to convert more than 1 character for the season if you have more than one Fughar’s Timepiece because if not, I don't know why one of the Maegu event items was a Timepiece?

Last Edit : Jan 27, 2023, 02:43 (UTC)
# 2
On: Jan 27, 2023, 01:45 (UTC), Written by gaymer77

[...] I understand that any unclaimed seasonal pass rewards will be forfeited once the change is done. [...]

I think that only applies to graduation, early or or end of season, or deleting a current season character.

On: Jan 27, 2023, 01:45 (UTC), Written by gaymer77

[...] I understand from reading reddit threads that I need to reset skill points before doing the whole conversion thing because it can get mucky if you don't (not really an issue as its easy to do with[...]

Unlikely to be an issue, but as you say, easy enough.  I wouldn't bother.

1.a. Yes, the original class remains the same.  The class "choice" refers to the character that you are timepiecing to ("target").

1.b. NA.

1.c. There is no change to the original character's skill points or skills.   Nothing is "moved", experience is copied to the target.

1.d. Yes.

1.e. Yes. (so e2 is NA)

1.f. No, quest status doesn't change on any of the characters involved (original or target).

1.g. (i) No. Gear "conversion": The seasonal Tuvala stays that way until graduation (not sure what would happen to season Tuvala if a season character is deleted - edit: any remaining season gear would be converted to normal when the season ended).  You will normally move the season Tuvala to the target character, leaving your original character without gear. You will be given weapon exchange coupons that only work on seasonal Tuvala so that the weapons can be changed to those that the target class can use.

1.g. (ii) Yes. After graduation the season Tuvala is changed to normal Tuvala that a non-season character can equip. The weapons that you get depend on what you did with the exchange coupons.  You could also create another set of weapons for your original class before timepiecing, convert only one set to the target class, and then delete whatever set you didn't want to keep before graduation.

2. For all points, nothing is touched on the target character besides combat exp, skill exp, and season character status. So (a) yes, (b) yes, (c) NA, and (d) Yes (no starting over).


3. I haven't done that yet, but that is the point of the second timepiece, yes.  For the second timepiece, the "original" character is the one that you converted to season in (1).


- Season new archer - level up to 61, 1600 SP, complete season pass.

- Timepiece 1 archer to DK, leaves archer as non-season with stats and quests unchanged, DK is season character, level 61, 1500-1600 SP, use season gear from archer.

- Time piece 2 DK to Maegu, leaves DK as non-season with stats and quests unchanged, Maegu is season character, level 61 (maybe more gained as DK), 1500-1600 SP (plus perhaps more that you added as DK), use season gear from DK.

Both the archer and DK will not have gear. That's why an extra Narchillan set is being handed out when you graduate this season.  That's in addition to the once-per-family Narchillan set that you can get via Fughar (exchanging Naru gear etc).

Last Edit : Jan 27, 2023, 03:04 (UTC)
# 3

Nothing is gained and nothing is lost. Only level, combat xp and skill xp is copied to the new character. Assuming you do this twice to make use of both timepieces your third character will be the one you ultimately graduate with (a separate part that has nothing to do with timepieces save you have to use the timepieces before you graduate).

For the gear, upon graduation with the third character, you will be given 1 conversion stone for each gear slot (1 for each armor, weapon, belt and necklace slot and 2 for earrings and rings. I recommend getting your first character to 61 before you do any timepieces as to get the free pen earring and ring and to save having to level 3 characters to 61 later. 60 Minimum. Its very easy to do and you have plenty of time to do so. Youtube EvilDoUsHarm leveling guides and follow each.

I also recommend to PEN each slot as all you need is one 60 scroll for each slot (minus two for the two free pen conversion stones you get) for the PEN hit and some 40s scrolls to go from tri to tet. This may be a little more time and grind intensive depending on how many scrolls you have collected since you started playing (I have upwards of 100 of each and havent built a single one. Just login rewards, event rewards, season rewards, etc.) Do not trade time filled stones for refined stones. Biggest waste ever. You can feel free to use any refined stones you happen to acquire though, just don't choose them over or swap time filled stones for them.


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